Montréal, QC

Supports business group terminology projects through writing of term definitions in the source language (English), specifying associated metadata and values, reviewing data quality, and providing terminology process guidance to users.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with project team, writers and translators to build a corporate enterprise terminology program
  • Manage the workflow process of all new term entries for the customer, coordinating with localization, legal, geopolitical, content publishing, brand strategy, packaging, and software teams to publish the term entries in a way that is compliant with company rules and international laws
  • Prepare regular metrics presentations describing the state and progress of the terminology workflow
  • Monitor user suggestions for new source terms and feedback on existing source terminology
  • Onboard and train new product team users and source contributors to enable them to author data in the terminology management systems, and delegate tasks to the product team users as appropriate
  • Author concise concept definitions following ISO standards by collaborating with project managers and engineers
  • Improve the terminology concept system by writing definitions for new concepts to fill in gaps in the existing terminology database
  • Answer questions about terms posed by internationally-based translators
  • Learn client’s terminology management tools and train others on these tools


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in language, linguistics, translation, or related field. Understanding of terminology management theory, principles, and methods, and expertise in terminology management tools/systems, including integration with authoring and localization platforms. Preferred 8+ years’ experience in corporate terminology management.


  • Attention to detail
  • Tech and tool savvy
  • Team player, collaborator
  • Can work independently

Job Type: Full-time