General Manager
Arctic Co-operatives Limited
Iqaluit, NU
Job Description

Position Title: General Manager

Reports to: Local Member Co-op Board of Directors

Locations: Various communities located in Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Yukon

This senior position is a management position that requires relocation to a community in either

Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Yukon.

The compensation package for permanent GMs includes: competitive salary, bonus potential,

subsidized housing, relocation assistance, Northern Living Allowance, annual vacation, Northern

Travel Allowance, an employer-matched pension and a comprehensive group benefits plan.

(Dependent on need/skill set/experience level, there may be opportunities for Relief Management

positions. These are offered at a contract level and the compensation package is not the same that

is offered to permanent roles.)

The community owned Co-operatives in the Arctic are multi-purpose businesses that provide a

wide range of services to their members and their communities. Services provided by local Co-

ops include retail stores, hotel and tourism operations, cable television, arts and craft marketing,

fuel distribution, construction & heavy equipment services, property rental and a variety of

agency type services (such as Canada Post, taxi service).

Please see below for the full job description, qualifications ...

The General Manager is responsible to the Board of Directors for managing and controlling the

overall day-to-day administration, operation, coordination and control of all aspects of the


Co-operative and its subsidiary operations (if any) in accordance with approved financial and

operational plans.

Working in close co-operation with the Board of Directors and Arctic Co-operatives Limited, the

General Manager will provide management leadership in the short and long term planning of the

Co-operative to successfully meet its stated mission and objective. Key accountabilities include

training and development of local staff, financial performance of the Co-op, and providing

excellent member and customer service. A principal objective is to ensure that all the local staff

is thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility; and that a designated Manager Trainee is

identified, developed and capable of assuming the General Manager’s position within a two (2)

year period.

Duties & Responsibilities:
In the performance of these duties and responsibilities, the General Manager will utilize to the

best of his/her abilities the services provided by the Co-operative System in the Arctic in order to

strengthen the Co-op and the Co-op System in the short term and long term:

  • To give advice, assistance and training to the Board of Directors and members of the
Co-operative in managing their affairs;

  • To guide and administer the affairs of the Co-operative in keeping with sound business
practices and the objectives of the organization as may be established from time to time by

the Board of Directors to ensure profitable operations and positive cash flows;

  • To be responsible for all Human Resource matters, concerning hiring, training, promoting,
demoting or firing of Co-operative employees;

  • To be responsible for achieving the Co-operatives objective of the training and
development of local staff;

  • To ensure a high level of member and customer service is provided to all patrons of the
Co-operative at all times;

  • To develop and maintain the Co-operative’s positive position externally with municipal
and territorial governments, aboriginal organizations, business groups and the general


  • To manage, control and protect all assets of the Co-operative from all types of loss;
  • To efficiently manage and control all fixed assets of the Co-operative to ensure they are
maintained in top quality condition and are protected from loss and obsolescence by

developing, implementing and administering policies and procedures that control the use

of assets and provide for regular and periodic maintenance or replacement;

  • To ensure all assets of the Co-operative have appropriate insurance coverage at all times;
  • To maintain good and regular communication with the Board of Directors, members of the
Co-operative, and with the staff;

  • To coordinate regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • To attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and to provide regular written and oral
reports on the monthly operations of the Co-operative, interpreting financial statements,

reporting on correspondence and activities and advising on policies and future planning;

  • To refer to the Board of Directors those matters which require their attention and or

  • To guide the arrangements and coordination of the annual meeting(s) of the Co-operative;
  • To maintain a close and harmonious relationship with the Co-operative System in the
Arctic and to utilize the services provided by the Co-op System to the greatest extent



  • To prepare and present to the Board of Directors for approval the annual operating and
financial plan (budget) of the Co-operative;

  • To administer, control and supervise all policies of the Co-operative including policies
and procedures relating to credit, operations and human resources;

  • To recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures that may be necessary to
improve the operations and control of the Co-operative;

  • To appraise continually the operating results of the Co-operative and to take prompt
corrective action as required to ensure all operations are viable;

  • To control and supervise the finances (custody of cash, cheque writing, borrowing, etc.) of
the Co-operative and strive for high levels of efficiency and maintain a careful and

judicious control of expenses;

  • To keep informed of general business and economic conditions, legislation, new
developments and problems that may affect the position of the Co-operative.

  • To continuously upgrade and maintain the skills and abilities necessary to manage the
various areas of operation and business units;

  • To manage the business operations in keeping with the philosophies and integrity of the
Co-operative System by utilizing its resources, participating in its programs and adopting

standardized best practices and policies;

  • To perform other duties as required for the proper management of the business operations
and the association.


  • Directly responsible to the Board of Directors, and/or their designates for the performance
of the Co-operative;

  • Reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for implementation, administration
and control of all policies of the Co-operative (operating, personnel, credit, etc.);

  • All employees of the Co-operative report to the manager directly or indirectly and are
responsible to the manager;

  • To maintain close and harmonious working relationships with the staff of Arctic Co-
operatives Limited and its field personnel.

Qualifications Required

  • Minimum 5 years multipurpose management experience with strong emphasis on retail
management (food and non-food);

  • Knowledge of and experience in a computerized environment, including the operation and
administration of a Point of Sale (POS) computer system;

  • Strong financial management skills including the ability to review and analyze financial

  • Ability to efficiently manage inventory levels, order stock, and price products to achieve
gross margin targets;

  • Excellent people management skills including the ability to recruit, hire, train, motivate,
evaluate, discipline, develop and increase staff performance in a cross-cultural


  • Good interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively both verbally
and in writing;

  • Proficient in office software packages (word processing, spreadsheets, Internet, e-mail,
etc.) MS Office preferred;


  • Knowledge of or experience living in the Arctic a definite asset;
  • Experience and understanding of Co-operatives and working with Boards of Directors
would be an asset;

  • Maintain a valid driver's license;
  • Maintain acceptable criminal reference, credit reference to ensure eligibility for bonding.
Working Conditions

  • Extended hours of work, including 10-12 hours per day, 5-6 days per week are not
unusual in a retail operation due to the multi-faceted nature of the Co-operative.

  • Access to medical facilities is limited with many locations only having a nurse station.
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