Occupational Therapist
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Toronto, ON
Responsible for providing specialized clinical assessment and evaluation of severely impaired workers (e.g. spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, severe burns, multiple amputations) to address safety issues, promote independent living, and quality of life. This includes providing appropriate recommendations, conducting, coordinating and implementing personal care allowance (PCA), home and vehicle modifications, assistive devices, therapeutic interventions as well as addressing quality of life issues.

Occupational Therapists perform their role in a way that reflects accountability to the worker having regard for the policies, standards, and guidelines of the WSIB as well as the standards and guidelines of the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Conduct or arrange for comprehensive independent living assessments to identify needs with respect to accessibility, home safety, mobility, PCA, and quality of life by:

Completing a comprehensive file review to identify worker’s entitlement, medical history, and functional limitations with respect to his/her daily activities;
Educating workers and their families on short and long-term needs, accommodations, adaptations, and services which will maximize recovery, mitigate the effects of the impairment, and promote optimal quality of life and independent living.
2. Determine entitlement to assistive devices, health care equipment, home and vehicle modifications, PCA, and address quality of life issues by:

Preparing reports with recommendations that are cost-effective and consistent with WSIB policy/practice and clinical rationale, including recommendations for further referrals to appropriate health care professionals or services;
Rendering decisions on the funding of such items as mobility devices, vehicle modifications, PCA, tools and equipment for quality of life activities, and assistive devices;
Preparing a detailed rationale and recommendations for managerial review for approval of devices and services.

3. Communicate decisions to the workplace parties by:
Providing education on WSIB benefits, policies, and processes as well as worker’ obligations and responsibilities;
Responding to workers’ and employers’ requests for clarification and/or reconsideration of decisions;
Completing a comprehensive review of initial decision, obtaining further documentation/evidence and referring to Appeals, if necessary.

4. Implement decisions and coordinate services and equipment to ensure optimal safety, accessibility, and level of independence for the worker by:

Participating in case conferences with the worker’s health care team, as necessary, as well as with the service delivery team and management;
Determining what is required to accommodate the worker’s restrictions and determining most appropriate solution, in conjunction with preferred suppliers;
Ensuring all approved equipment is delivered and all referrals are completed.

5. Determine entitlement to repairs and/or replacement of equipment related to , vehicle modifications, mobility devices, assistive devices, quality of life, and health care equipment by:

Completing a comprehensive file review to determine if there is a material change in the worker’s work-related injury;
Determining if it is more cost-effective and appropriate to repair or provide for replacement of equipment;
Referring for assessment if material change indicates further equipment and/or modifications are required.

6. Ensure ongoing use of best practices in the decision making process by:

Using current research findings and quality improvement strategies to identify creative approaches to challenging situations, which will enhance worker/program outcomes;
Participating in ongoing professional development in order to meet standards set out by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.

7. Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

Job Requirements:
University completion of a bachelor's degree as recognized by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario for graduates prior to 2010 or completion of a Master's degree as recognized by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario for graduates after 2010.
A member in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario and with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and/or the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
1 year prior experience in occupational therapy
Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills
Demonstrated strong interpersonal and consultative/advisory skills
Demonstrated ability and experience in building relationships and working collaboratively with various stakeholders

As a precondition of employment, the WSIB will require a prospective candidate to undergo a criminal records name check prior to or at any time following hire.

To apply for this position, please submit your application by the closing date noted above.

We appreciate the interest of all candidates. Due to the volumes of applications we receive, we are only able to contact candidates that are selected to move forward in the recruitment process. The WSIB is an equal opportunity employer.

The WSIB is an equal opportunity employer and provides accommodation for job applicants in accordance with the Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. If you are an individual with a disability and you need accommodation in order to apply for this position, please contact talentacquisitioncentre@wsib.on.ca. If you are invited to participate in the assessment process, please provide your accommodation needs at that time. Please be advised that you may be required to provide medical documentation to the WSIB’s Corporate Health Department so that appropriate accommodation can be provided to you throughout the recruitment process.

Employees of the WSIB have important ethical responsibilities, including the obligation to place the public interest above personal interests. Job applicants are therefore required to disclose any circumstance that could result in a real, potential or perceived conflict of interest. These may include: political activity, directorship or other outside employment and certain personal relationships (e.g. with existing WSIB employees, clients and/or stakeholders). Please contact TAC if you have any questions about conflict of interest obligations and/ or how to make a disclosure.

Privacy Statement

Personal information will be collected from your resume, application, cover letter and references under the authority of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 and will be used by the Talent Acquisition Centre and WSIB hiring parties to assess/validate your qualifications and/or determine if you meet the requirements of vacant positions and/or gather information relevant for recruitment purposes. If you have questions or concerns regarding the collection and use of your personal information, contact the WSIB Privacy Office, 200 Front Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V 3J1 or 416-344-5323 or 1-800-387-0750 extension 5323. Be advised that information related to application status will not be provided.