Staff Writer
Urbanlinx Media Inc.
Montréal, QC

Job Summary

A major player within urban culture is looking for a staffwriterwith relevant writingand editing experience to join our teamof writers at This positionis ideal for a creative individual, who has a familiarity with hip-hop and the adjoining culture, extending to pop culture at large—fashion, tech, movies, TV and sports are all important aspects. This person is expected to have an extremely high level of productivity. The positionsrequires a strong editorial background, strong organizational and time management skills. Knowledge of the entertainment world -- not limited to just hip-hop -- is extremely important as well; we have one of the youngest and most discerning audiences online, and their tastes evolve a mile a minute. By staying up on all current trends, we ensure that we will be on the same page as our users.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Aggregate and write news stories from appropriate trending topics across the web as well as sources provided
  • Maintain a constant knowledge of all current hip-hop and pop culture news
  • Maintain an adept understanding of our audience and their content preferences and demands
  • Post articles (news, songs, albums, videos) in an extremely efficient manner, under a variety of mandated topics
  • Brainstorm and create original pieces of content based around trending topics and hip-hop or entertainment topics that interest our audience, as assigned
  • Acquire and maintain contacts/relationships to facilitate reporting on breaking news
  • Share the content you post on the website across all social channels


  • Experience working with digital audiences; writingfor blogs or online magazines
  • Extreme efficiency in content creation
  • Bachelor's degree in fields such as English, Journalism, or related
  • Excellent creative writingand editing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of hip-hop, both past and present
  • Strong time management skills with the ability to plan, organize, prioritize, delegate, monitor, & respond to changes quickly
  • Knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), best practices and how they can be deployed in different scenarios
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices

To apply, please email us your resume, cover letter and at least two writingsamples.

Urbanlinx Media Inc. offers competitive compensation and employee benefits.

Job Type: Full-time