Software Developer (Full Stack)
Intelliware Development Inc.
Toronto, ON
Join our team to work on everything from front-end to server-side code and database architecture. We have an exceptional 25+ year delivery track record, deep technical expertise and disciplined delivery and technical engineering practices.

At Intelliware, you’ll build a wide variety of enterprise/consumer facing applications within a team-based Agile environment. The way we build software is strongly influenced by the values of Extreme Programming: feedback, respect, courage, communication and simplicity. We have collaborative project rooms where you’ll work closely with a cross functional team including clients. You’ll find continuous opportunities to learn, share knowledge and teach within your team and within the developer community at Intelliware via monthly educational sessions, study groups and hands-on R&D initiatives.

Intelliware’s niche is delivering custom software applications for complex business and technical challenges. Core development is done in Java, Spring and JavaScript, although the nature of our work allows project teams the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies. Recent projects we’ve delivered include technologies such as Angular, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Kafka, Hadoop, Kotlin and Cloud Foundry.
While working within a team in an Agile environment, you will be:
Designing high quality applications that are highly scalable and extensible
Estimating, tasking and prototyping
Contributing clear and maintainable code to a shared codebase
Collaborating with cross-functional team members on features, design and implementation
Investigating, learning and applying new technologies and processes
Clarifying requirements with team and client representatives

’Must Have’ Skills/Experience:
Proven experience designing and developing complex applications that are highly scalable and extensible
Fluent in Java and/or JavaScript
Attention to well-crafted software
Bachelor’s Degree in one of: Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics (or equivalent education/experience)

’Nice to Have’ Skills/Experience:
Exposure to and interest in Agile approaches to software development e.g. automated testing, continuous integration, project rooms, pair programming, etc.
Fluent and current in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript frameworks
Relational and/or NoSQL databases, SQL queries and object relational mapping tools
Distributed computing and platform as a service
UNIX, Linux and W3C technologies including HTTP and XML
Automated build, test and deployment tools
For more info on Intelliware, check out our Careers Page and Instagram.

Intelliware is committed to diversity in the workplace. We are an inclusive employer and welcome and encourage applications from all qualified candidates. Applicants’ needs will be accommodated during our recruitment and selection process so please advise us if you require accommodation.