GP Brewing Co
Grande Prairie, AB

GP Brewing Co is seeking a brewer to help grow our expanding operations by producing fresh, premium beer the Peace country can be proud of.

Here at GP Brewing Co, we like to do things right from the very beginning, and so should you. After all, it all begins with you.

With dedication come skill, that why we also expect you to possess the following:

  • a strong understanding of the brewing process and brewery operations
  • the knowledge and experience necessary to brew our six core beers (and a few tasy seasonal beers) on a three vessel, 30Hl system.
  • the ability to monitor and assist all aspects of production, from brewing to fermentation to packaging
  • proper and safe work procedures when it comes to the cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment
  • basic computer knowledge and good note-keeping practices
  • the ability to work in an organized and efficient manner while adhering to high quality standards
  • the willingness to adapt to schedule changes dependent upon the operational needs of the brewery, including workinh nights, weekends, extended shifts and holidays
  • the stamina to endure the physical demands of the job, such as repeated heavy lifting, kneeling, long periods of standing, working with hot fluids, working in a warm environment, and the safe handling of hazardous materials
  • strong communication skills

If you really want to impress us, you will also demonstrate knowledge in the following areas:

  • sensory quality control
  • recipe development
  • troubleshooting and solving beer and brewing related issues
  • yeast propagation/lab work

Experience & Education

  • formal brewing education and or bachelor of Science degree an asset
  • Home brewing experience
  • experience working in a brewery or production facility

Job Type: Full-time