Looking For A Full-Time Live-In Caretaker For An RV Park In Langley
RV Park
Langley, BC

Compensation: Your salary includes $2,021.81(after tax) Per Month ($1,010.91 paid by-weekly) Plus FREE Rent/mth ($675), Electricity(up to $150/mth), TV Cable, Water, Sewer, WIFI, and Work Cellphone.

We are looking for a full time live-in caretaker (preferably a couple but not necessarily) for our RV park in Langley. This person or a couple must own an RV to live in.

Start date: May 1, 2019

The qualifications are:

- Fit to do some labor (eg. cutting glasses, cleaning showers, sweeping the roads, etc)

- Computer Savvy (proficient in typing and sending emails on a daily basis)

- Good people skill to provide excellent customer support

- Good with numbers (simple book keeping needed using excel)

- Honest and hardworking

- Without kids or pets

- Any kind of management experience is a PLUS

General duties will include, but are not limited to:

- Screening monthly camper/tenant applicants including both reference & credit checks

- Showing sites and all duties required to rent vacant sites

- Enforcing tenancy rules, regulations, serving Tenant Termination notices, Rent Increase notices, and other notices as approved by the owner

- Managing legal aspects of evictions which may include arbitration attendance

- Administration/bookkeeping, rent collection and banking preparation

- Performing site inspections and notify campers/tenants of the problem

- Handling all tenant related concerns and complaints

- Managing outside trades/suppliers/ painters, etc.

- Obtaining quotes from contractors on site renovations

- Ability to negotiate for renovations and any other costs

- Ensuring cleanliness of sites routinely in all common areas

- Gardening including cutting the grass both in campground and in the corner field & watering the plants

- Performing minor routine maintenance jobs (replacement of light bulbs, fixtures, faucets, etc.)

Daily duties will include, but are not limited to:

- Providing customer service by greeting customer

- Taking rents and payments

- Answering phones and booking reservations

- Checking mails and sending texts to people

- Doing a sweep in the laundry room and cleaning two bathrooms

- Picking up garbage around the park

- Exchanging coins for laundry

- Sorting bottles and cans in the recycle bins

- Checking emails throughout the day and reply them promptly

- Reading water meter

Monthly duties are, but are not limited to:

- Reading power meters and accepting rents on the 1st day of each month

- Cleaning septic filters

The job itself is not fast-paced at all. Absolutely the busiest day will be around 10 phone calls and 3-5 campers come in during the Summer time. And the Winter time is pretty quiet and there's not much to do other than doing general maintenance work plus answering occasional phone calls and welcoming few campers come in.

This job is perfect for a couple who enjoy living in an RV park and also work as a couple. But this is not mandatory.

Please send us your resume if you are interested in the position.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: Your salary includes $2,021.81(after tax) Per Month ($1,010.91 paid by-weekly) Plus FREE Rent/mth ($675), Electricity(up to $150/mth), TV Cable, Water, Sewer, WIFI, and Work Cellphone.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent