Marketing and Social Media Instructors
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB
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Position Description

University of Calgary Continuing Education is currently recruiting for an instructor (contract (term) position) to teach the following courses in the Marketing certificate program: BMC 313 Metrics and Measurement, BMC 312 Social Media Essentials, BMC 329-009 – Digital Marketing, and BMC 314-010 – Social Media Strategies - Online asynchronous delivery through Desire2Learn.

These instructional positions are non-credit teaching appointments and, as such, are contract positions without benefits (other than those required by Employment Standards).

Course details:
BMC 313-017 – Metrics and Measurement - Online Delivery – asynchronous through Desire2Learn, SUMMER 2019: July 9 to August 26, 2019
Web analytics, social media, web 2.0, mobile technology and other digital channels have opened the data floodgates but what does it all mean? This course will give you a framework for how to set-up, monitor, and measure the results of a digital media strategy or an integrated marketing campaign, digital or traditional, from beginning to end. Learn important skills for research and analysis, and explore a variety of marketing metrics and measurement tools available for measuring your return on marketing investment.

Course Learning Outcomes:
Understand the difference between measures and metrics
Customize a generic model with appropriate measures and metrics to assess the effectiveness of most marketing programs by identifying and applying the concepts which build a successful model
Source data to populate the model for measures related to Customer Acquisition and Sales:
Source digital measures directly from Google Analytics
Know where and how to source measures from traditional media or public relations sources
Know when to use market research to supplement media metrics

Know when to define other metrics for special purposes:
Retention metrics to assess how well the company is holding its customers
Predictive metrics to compare the future values of competing choices for marketing expenditures
Apply metrics as actionable analytics to influence future marketing programs
BMC 312-010 – Social Media Essentials – Online Delivery - asynchronous through Desire2Learn, SUMMER 2019, July 23-August 26, 2019
What’s the buzz about social media? Explore the potential of social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, wikis, blogs, podcasts and more. Learn how social media can be leveraged as an alternative and companion to traditional forms of advertising and communication. Develop an integrated social media strategy and formulate a plan that will reach and engage your audience.

Course Learning Outcomes

Describe the impact that social media has on marketing, public relations, communications and business
Create and optimize a profile/pages on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and/or Twitter
Create a video and add it to YouTube
Develop a social media strategy using the Hub & Spoke model
Create and publish a blog
BMC 329-009 – Digital Marketing –Online Delivery – asynchronous through Desire2Learn FALL 2019, September 10 – November 18, 2019
Whether you are a marketing professional or an entrepreneur promoting your own business, this course can guide you toward an effective digital marketing plan that delivers value for money to your organization. Discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing including: email and Internet marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising, mobile marketing, content marketing and current social media tools.

Course Learning Outcomes:
Design a customized digital marketing plan for your organization, or an organization you strive to work with.
Describe the best practices for marketing a product, idea or business using a variety of digital marketing channels including social media tools, email and Internet marketing.
Use e-mail marketing to reach your audience and create new business leads, while remaining CASL compliant.
Determine which digital marketing channels will deliver the best return on investment.
Use content to attract new business or position a brand.
BMC 314-010 – Social Media Strategies – Online Delivery - asynchronous through Desire2Learn, SUMMER 2019, September 24 – Oct 28, 2019
With the advent of new social media and digital communication tools, companies feel compelled to 'get in the game' but do they have a game plan? Most successful leaders are prepared to capitalize on new media with sound business strategies, policies and resources in place. Develop an organizational strategic plan that addresses implications of social media on organizational culture and business practices. Learn how to assess potential risks and implement measures early to maximize success.

Course Learning Outcomes

Develop an effective social media marketing plan
Interpret analytics and metrics to make strategic decisions
Design an engagement plan to reach your ideal target markets that balances paid and organic social media engagement
Set social media objectives that make a real contribution to your business

Scope of Responsibilities (high level)

Create effective lessons plans, develop content, learning activities, presentations, assignments, evaluations, examinations.
(If classroom): Utilize Desire2Learn for all course materials, assessment and, student communication.
(If online) Utilize Desire2Learn (D2L) and Adobe Connect to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous course delivery including all course materials, experiences and student communication.

Master’s degree or equivalent and work experience in the field are desirable.
Industry experience an asset.
Adult learning certificate or equivalent is an asset.
Previous teaching experience is essential; post-secondary teaching experience is preferred.
Previous experience utilizing Learning Management Systems such as Desire2Learn, Adobe Connect, Blackboard or Moodle, is preferred.
Application Deadline: April 30, 2019

We would like to thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes. Please note, only those candidates chosen to continue on through the selection process will be contacted.