Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Vineland, ON
Do you have excellent communication and conflict resolution skills? Are you knowledgeable about food safety, meat processing and regulatory compliance and thrive in a fast-paced environment?

If so, please consider this exciting opportunity within our Meat Inspection Program where you will conduct food safety and regulatory inspections of provincially licensed meat plants.

Be part of a dynamic team making a difference in the province's food safety system.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:
  • conduct inspections of freestanding meat processing plants
  • perform ante mortem and post mortem meat inspection duties at slaughter plants according to established procedures (as a hybrid position, this position will be expected to attend more of these shifts than a dedicated Further Processing Inspector)
  • monitor complex food processing operations and activities
  • evaluate process control systems and records
  • collect a variety of samples
  • complete and maintain a variety of electronic records
Please note:
  • the position will require the ability to perform duties in adverse conditions such as extreme heat or cold.
How do I qualify?

Mandatory requirements:
  • You are able to travel extensively to areas where public transportation is not available.
Communication and relationship management skills:
  • You have verbal communication and active listening skills to explain complex policies, procedures and techniques and to help ensure information is understood.
  • You have written communication skills to accurately document information and prepare reports.
  • You have experience developing and maintaining harmonious relationships with internal and external clients.
  • You can influence and persuade others to adopt a specific course of action.
  • You have the ability to identify potential conflicts, facilitate open and constructive dialogue, and proactively address and defuse potential issues.
Problem-solving skills and judgement:
  • You have strong problem solving skills to identify underlying issues, link issues with regulatory requirements and recommend appropriate corrective measures to address challenging situations.
  • You can identify and take necessary, appropriate and timely action in response to complex and/or critical issues.
  • You have judgement to evaluate and consider situational factors to make independent, timely decisions that align with policies, procedures and legislation.
Technical knowledge:
  • You have knowledge of basic, hygienic and further processing of meat and meat products.
  • You have knowledge of food processing, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and food safety hazards and their assessment.
  • You have knowledge and/or experience with humane animal handling practices of livestock.
Enforcement and compliance expertise:
  • You have experience identifying situations of non-compliance and assessing the associated level of risk to determine appropriate corrective measures to achieve desired outcomes.
  • You can accurately interpret, apply and enforce policies, procedures and legislation, and relay compliance-related information to others.
Concern for quality and standards:
  • You have integrity to ensure your actions are consistent with organizational values, policies and codes of conduct.
  • You are able to monitor and evaluate work quality and processes against policies, standards and regulations.
Additional Information:Address:
1 Permanent, 4890 Victoria Ave N, Vineland, West Region
Compensation Group: Ontario Public Service Employees Union
Understanding the job ad - definitionsSchedule: 6
Category: Inspections and Investigations
Posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Candidates who have not successfully completed the Ontario Meat Hygiene Officer Certification process will be considered on an underfill basis as an Agricultural Specialist 2.