Digital Marketing plus
Change Your Results Inc.
Calgary, AB

Looking for a true marketing professional, keen on interacting with different business owners on a daily basis, while creating a broad range of advertising campaigns ranging from event planning, to client lead generation and info product sales.

Shawn Shewchuk, the Number 1 Results Coach, is currently looking to onboard a new digital marketing manager. This individual needs to be very well versed with anything online, have a passion for the vastly changing industry and be a self starter.This job is a job surrounded around LEARNING, and learning quickly.Your primary marketing duties will be running Facebook ad campaigns, google ad campaigns, YouTube ad campaigns.With that you will need to be familiar with content creation programs such as adobe premiere pro and Photoshop.

Along with the advertising, you will be expected to set up landing pages, websites and other lead generation sources to accompany the advertising campaigns.You will be responsible for creating event landing pages, and filling the room with people. The advertising strategy can be of your design, as long as the room is full.I do not expect you to have all of the skills from day 1, but we do expect you to be a fast, independent learner. If YouTube and Google are not your best friends, then this job may not be for you.

Required Skills:
Passion for thinking, creating and finding solutions for how to make the most effective marketing campaigns possible.University degrees are of course an asset, but if you can perform with industry elite and have a history of successful campaigns, then it is not a necessity.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year