Quality Assurance Analyst
S M Software Solutions Inc.
Fredericton, NB

Service Request Name: Quality Assurance Analyst (PAn1)

Location of Service: 7th floor HSBC Place, Fredericton

Estimated Work Start Date: 16-Jan-2020

Estimated Work End Date: 15-Jan-2021

Estimated workdays: 240 days

Requirement Detail/Qualifications:


· Gathers and analyses data for the conduct of studies to establish the technical and economic feasibility of proposed computer systems, and for the development of functional and system design specifications.
· Design methods and procedures for small computer systems, and sub-systems of larger systems.
· Develops, tests and implements small computer systems and sub-systems of larger systems.
· Produces forms, manuals, programs, data files, procedures, and training material.
· Controls and evaluates systems testing as a member of a systems test team.
· Write user, operations and training manuals.
· Trains user and operations personnel.

· Provides guidance and work leadership to programmers.

Job Type: Contract