Research Associate
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
The position will be located within the principal investigator’s program of research called SPICY (Studying Policy Impact in Continuing care sYstems). The program focusses on evaluating intended and unintended consequences of policies for stakeholders in continuing care settings. Continuing care settings include home care, retirement homes, assisted/supportive living and nursing homes. Continuing care stakeholders are people receiving continuing care (clients), their family or friend caregivers, paid caregivers (care staff) and administrators managing continuing care services. SPICY partners researchers, decision makers, operators of continuing care services, care staff, clients and family/friend caregivers throughout the research process (integrated knowledge translation). We apply a broad range of qualitative methods (e.g. focus groups, qualitative interviews, Delphi panels, policy analyses) and quantitative methods (e.g. surveys, advanced statistical modeling, using big administrative healthcare data sets) and integrates these methods, using mixed methods approaches.

The Research Associate reports directly to the Principal Investigator. The person will assist the Principal Investigator in supervising and coaching students and research assistants. The successful candidate should come with experience in communicating with different partners/stakeholders of the research program. The position requires a person with experience, skills, knowledge and competencies in qualitative and quantitative methods and analyses. Furthermore, the successful candidate should come with experience in supervising students (Undergraduate and Graduate level). The successful candidate will also oversee the principal investigator’s budgets. The principal investigator is currently building up the research program and research unit. The successful candidate
will also assist with recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff and students.

The responsibilities of the Research Associate will include:
Designing and conducting complex scientific research specifically as it relates to evaluating the impact of continuing care policies on continuing care clients, their family/friend caregivers, paid care staff and the continuing care system under the direction of the Principal Investigator
Collecting, analyzing and interpreting research data and translating research data to study participants, decision makers, and the research community
Setting research activity objectives in consultation with the Principal Investigator
Developing and carrying out independent research
In consultation with the Principal Investigator, developing and documenting research methods and protocols
Writing research papers and assisting with the preparation of research grant applications with varying amounts of input from the Principal Investigator
Presenting research results at research team meetings, departmental seminars, scientific conferences, and related settings
Fostering communication with off-campus partners
Participating in the scientific oversight of the research program; assisting the Principal Investigator in supervision of students, and other staff
Assisting the Principal Investigator with administrative tasks, such as scheduling and organizing meetings, tracking costs and managing budgets, ensuring lists of scientific outputs (publications,
grants, presentations, etc.) are up-to-date, etc.

PhD in health or social sciences; experience with research, practice and policy in continuing care is an asset
2-3 years of experience in senior scientific work on health-related research projects
Experience in mixed methods research
Experience in policy analysis is an asset
Excellent project planning and management skills
Excellent organizational and time management skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Accuracy and attention to detail
Excellent writing skills (e.g. reports, briefings, manuscripts, grants)
Excellent MS Office skills
Ability to work independently as well as contributing to team development, including during the supervisor's periodic absences
Advanced experience working with quantitative and qualitative analytic software; Experience with SAS and Nvivo is required; Experience with SPSS, R and other qualitative analysis software packages such as Atlas TI is an asset
In accordance with the Trust/Research Academic Staff Agreement, this position is for a one year term, with the possibility of extension based on funding, offers a comprehensive benefits package found at Faculty & Staff Benefits and annual salary range of $58,210 - $65,490, pro-rated to FTE.