Front End Developer
Edmonton, AB
***We are looking for candidates who are willing and able to work in our offices in Edmonton (may consider remote within Alberta) and are currently in the local Alberta marketplace***

We are in need of a new team member who will bring their experience in front-end development to many of our projects. The front-end developer will support iomer’s consistent growth by collaborating with various internal teams. The desired candidate will be energetic, possess a strong set of skills and attributes, and enjoy working in a fast-paced team environment where everyone respects and builds off of the unique and diverse skills of all our team members.

The Role

As a front-end developer, you’ll be working closely with project managers, designers and your team lead on projects of various scale. Some of these will be in .NET, SharePoint, Umbraco, WordPress/PHP, etc. You’re familiar with front-end libraries like React and are comfortable with TypeScript. You’re open to learning new platforms via mentoring from experienced developers. You’ll also bring some fresh ideas and be willing to collaborate and share. You’ll tackle problems using the latest technologies and techniques. You know your browser’s dev tools like the back of your hand. You don’t debug JavaScript via console.log (except for when you do, but you mean well). You stay informed and current on the latest web standards and have a familiarity with programming paradigms like OOP and experience with architectural patterns like MVC. You also have some experience in estimating projects and want to share some tips with us.


Lead, support, and collaborate in planning, development, testing, and delivery/deployment of solid, structured, and standards-compliant web and mobile interfaces with JS, HTML, and CSS
Understand scope, project goals, and requirements, and provide input towards practical solutions, innovations, and time estimation
Participate in ideation sessions, workshops, and roadmapping, contributing a perspective on improved production and development approaches, tools, and techniques
Collaborate in strategic planning of web and mobile websites, web apps, and native mobile apps assessing opportunities for driving innovation from a development perspective
Test, refactor, and optimize code to achieve the best performance, and strive for flawless and bug free deliverables by making quality assurance a top priority
Follow industry best practices, and coding standards developed by the agency and contribute to internal and external knowledge sharing
Understand our clients’ business, their needs, and the technical opportunities and challenges that exist within their categories
Required Skills & Experience
experience with front-end development; salary ranges based on experience - Junior (0-3 yrs): $40,000-$65,000, Intermediate (3-7): $60,000 - $80,000, Senior (7+ yrs): $75,000 - $120,000+
JavaScript & React (will also consider anyone with Angular experience and who are interested in learning React). We also won’t be restricted to using just React, so experience in any similar library or framework is valuable;
Building consumer facing websites in .NET C# and/or PHP (Laravel, Symphony, WordPress, Drupal) and sometimes plain old HTML;
Experience working closely with designers and a passion for UI. Caring about design details and translating comps/style guides to code;
HTML and CSS (obviously), but also Sass and PostCSS (it’s okay if you haven’t used PostCSS, we’ll teach you);
Know how to build SPAs (Single Page Applications);
Know how to create mobile apps using frameworks like PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin, etc.;
Building tests cases and working with test platforms in JavaScript a plus;
Experience with WordPress, or general CMS experience, or any of Microsoft’s tentpole products (SharePoint, CRM, Office 365) would be a plus;
You should be comfortable working in a Windows environment. Even if you’re not, we’ll show you how to do things you’re used to on your Mac in Windows. It can be done!