Imaging R&D Software Developer
MTT Innovation Inc.
Vancouver, BC

About MTT Innovation

MTT Innovation Inc is an R&D branch of Barco, the world's leading provider of imaging solutions for cinema and professional applications. We are developing a novel form of projection that enables High Dynamic Range (HDR) on the big screen. We also serve as an incubator in the CTO office of Barco, pursuing new opportunities that make business and technology sense.

MTT Innovation recently was announced as a winner of the 2018 Lumière Technology Award of the Advanced Imaging Society for our prototype light-steering cinema projector (

Who We Need

We are looking to add a software developer to our agile and cohesive R&D team(currently about 20 people). Today, we need someone to take ownership of the inter-operation of our novel imaging algorithms (Vancouver team) and Barco's world-class projection servers (Belgium team). While the focus is on software, a background in mathematics, imaging, colour science, display calibration, and HDR will make you an ideal candidate.

MTT is an ever-evolving and creative R&D environment, and we are each of us multi-disciplinary to some degree; tomorrow there are many possibilities for someone able and willing to branch out into new areas of interesting opportunities in related fields. Depending on your interests, this could include simulations, lab work, running demos of prototype hardware, giving talks, working with film industry professionals, qualityassurance, standards compliance, and travel. And lots of coding.

Our minimum requirement is solid C++ expertise and skill, with at least 2-3 years of experience.

Other skills that will be useful but are not strictly required include working knowledge of Matlab, Numpy/Scipy, CUDA and GPU programming, testing and validation, interfacing with and debugging hardware. Super important: that you have a can-do attitude and a collaborative team spirit.

To Apply

Send resume and cover letter to the email below.

Job Type: Full-time


  • C++: 2 years (Required)