Jr. Business Analyst
Guelph, ON

Job Summary

Who we are

1ClickCPA is a fast growing online marketing/tech company that sells our own proprietary line of health and beauty products.

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that the purpose of 1 Click CPA (why we do it) is to create happy, meaningful and fulfilling lives for the people that work here. That may sound trite, perhaps even selfish. But we believe our mission can only be achieved when self-actualizing, motivated, smart, accountable and most of all entrepreneurial individuals, step into the office every day. We are constantly developing, teaching, helping and overall following the same playbook together as a team. New hires go through a training program describing every part of the business and the techniques we use. This allows us to speak the same language, quickly learn, resolve problems and have clarity on what we are building and why.

Our approach to business often challenges traditionally held beliefs, so it is essential that everyone on our team is willing and able to embrace new ways of thinking. We welcome new ideas that have sound reasoning behind them and are constantly incorporating new innovative ways to do things. At the same time, our team has the discipline to let go of ideas when the data shows otherwise. We work hard for ourselves and for each other. Therefore, we are very selective on who we bring into our very special group. If you think you have the right mindset, are ready to grow yourself and your career, keep reading. This is a full-time position with health benefits based out of our downtown Guelph office.

Here's An Idea of What You'll Be Tasked to Do:

  • Work with large data files from various sources to generate reports.
  • Proactively investigate and identify anomalies in reported numbers.
  • Distill complex analytics into simple actionable insights.
  • Ensure data being reported is accurate.
  • Identify process improvements to increase operational efficiencies and mitigate risk.

Here's An Example Of The Knowledge You'll Need To Have:

Must be able to understand formulas like this: =IFERROR(INDEX($D$2:$D$1000,MATCH(B2,$C$2:$C$1000,0),1),0)

Do This Short Task:

Please download the following file which includes tasks with 3 levels of difficulty which are meant to showcase your level of expertise. Follow the instructions and submit the completed tasks. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xv5xvb7lbig044v/AAAIQ9BvK2OvHvnvY4-2evq0a?dl=0

How to apply:

If you are the right person for this opportunity, then please submit the following 3 items:

  • Send a completed copy of the task.
  • Prepare a one-page cover letter telling us:
  • Why you are the best person to join our team?
  • One of the last products you purchased online?
  • Your favorite internet or tech company?
  • If you could have any tech gadget, what would it be?
  • Resume

Here's An Idea of What You'll Need To Bring To The Table:

  • Advanced user of Excel Formulas.
  • High proficiency for learning new concepts
  • Great degree of accuracy & attention to detail.
  • General technical, internet & computer knowledge.
  • Good understanding of business. (Products, Shipments, Billing, e-commerce)
  • Excellent communications skills both written and oral.
  • We'll teach you everything else!

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Job Type: Full-time


  • business analyst: 1 year (Required)