System Analyst
Solium Capital
Calgary, AB
About Solium

Solium aims to solve the problem of equity management and financial record keeping with our platform: Shareworks. Shareworks provides the ability for public and private companies to manage stock option plans, employee share purchase programs, and perform complex financial reporting. Shareworks also empowers employees of companies using the platform to access their equity through the transaction of their shares and holding. We actively trade on exchanges around the world including the NYSE, NSADAQ, LSE, and ASX.

Our Culture

Solium takes cultural characteristics from the industries we draw upon. We develop and maintain a sophisticated set of enterprise software products, so we embody the casual style but relentless focus that is often associated with the tech industry. But we are also a client service organization, offering support to both corporate clients and their employees. We also employ a wealth of “numbers” people, those with backgrounds in math, finance and economics. And because we are a global organization, you’ll routinely hear Spanish and French spoken in our offices. Solium offices are all about diversity. What unites us is a commitment to quality. We are all passionate people who bring our best in support of a singular focus, to be the global leader in our industry.

We think in terms of what-ifs. And we answer with:
Innovation: We create solutions and services that make the complex manageable
  • Flexibility: We offer the choices that provide compliance and convenience
  • Service: We demonstrate problem-solving, reliability and accuracy in everything we do for our customers
We reward our people with a competitive compensation and benefits package and a fun, flexible working environment.
We currently have several permanent full-time opportunities for a System Analyst.

When a bystander walks past your computer do they ask you if you're looking at the Matrix? Have you ever made a Developer or QA team member cry tears of happiness and gratitude? Do people throughout the organization come to you because you get the job done? Have you ever tamed a wild RDBMS? Are you a high functioning individual in stressful situations? Are you obsessed with keeping the data on time and system up and running?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, we want to talk to you!

Overall Responsibility:
Solium’s production application support team is responsible for supporting our internal and customer-facing web application in order to fulfill our required service standards. The team interacts with multiple business teams within Solium including software developers, customer support, operations, and quality assurance and provides hands-on technical assistance as needed. The team is dedicated to ensuring a quick response to urgent customer needs and special requests as they arise.

At this time the Production Application Support Team (aka the LIVE team) is undergoing a transformation into a service driven arm of the organization with the following aims:

Keeping the data on time: SQL and Scripting are our main tools to make sure the data is correct and the equity is managed the way our customers need. We use Oracle and in addition to SQL skills the ability to administer Oracle is preferred.

Keeping the system and all its components operational: Shareworks makes Equity Management easy for our clients. That means it's on us to keep it running and bring the creations of our developers to life. It's a complex system and working on it is both interesting and exciting. Software systems knowledge combined with strong debugging skills are required.

Monitoring and measurement: Knowing how the system is doing over time and how things are trending. We simply have to know what is going on in the system. We use a series of metrics to drive a dedicated process of ongoing improvement. We are not complacent and are always looking for ways to make our system better. Step one is measuring everything. Step two is understanding the story our data is telling us.

Automation and Tooling: We're not keen on repetitive tasks and seek to apply automation where it makes sense.

Skills that we require:
Linux administration (ubuntu, centos and RHEL). Command line use is a must.
Database administration (Oracle specifically)
Programming and debugging (Java is a plus as we are a Java EE shop, JavaScript)
Source control methodologies (We use GIT)
Scripting (bash, ruby, python)
Configuration management tools (Ansible)
Monitoring and alerting frameworks (Sensu, PRTG, Opsgenie, NewRelic)
Webserver configuration (Apache)
Technical debugging capability
System architecture/design

Soft Skills:
Communication: you'll be working with every arm of the business you must be fluent in technical and business and be able to switch between the two
Discipline: you follow a prudent course of action regardless of the situation (during an outage or just writing a script)
Trustworthiness: each member of the team is responsible for how they execute their work and how they work with others
Commitment to Excellence: we all aim to achieve excellence in our skills and knowledge and actively combat complacency through the pursuit of continuous improvement
Teamwork: the team is above any individual, we all rely on each other and our ability to solve problems

BS degree preferred in Computer Science, Engineering or related fields (or the equivalent tenacity and wherewithal to have obtained a degree or technical diploma)
Ability to interface with diverse technical and non-technical groups spanning the all organizations levels
Experience running/maintaining large scale complex technology stacks
Solid experience with time series data collection and analysis
Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
Understanding of WebOps principles and familiarity with WebOps tools