Infantry Soldier/Officer
Saskatoon Army Reserves
Saskatoon, SK

Infantry soldiers are the Army's primary combat fighters and are responsible for closing with and engaging the enemy. They are the core members of the Combat Arms team, which includes Artillery and Armoured Soldiers.

Are you looking for an EXCITING and CHALLENGING Part-Time Career where you are well paid? As a Canadian Armed Forces Army Reservist, you will work part-time from September to June. Over the summer months you will have the opportunity to work full-time and earn over $3000 per month your first summer. On Basic Training you will be taught the common skills required of a soldier and from there, carry on with training specific to your chosen trade. No experience is necessary, as you will be trained by the Army Reserve to be a PART-TIME SOLDIER in the occupation of your choice. The Primary occupation available in your area is Infantry Soldier/Officer. To be eligible to apply with the Canadian Forces Army Reserve, you: 1) must be 16 - 57 years old; 2) have a minimum Grade 10 education; 3) must be a Canadian Citizen. (Note - to apply as an Officer you must have either: a High School Diploma, be in University, or already have a degree). For more information OR schedule an appointment, call (306)934-8507 (toll free: 1-800-856-8488). If you wish, you may apply online at

Job Type: Part-time