Global Loan Sales Professional
Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management
Vancouver, BC
Whether you are looking to start a new career in sales, or you are an experienced specialist looking for growth opportunities, we would like to meet with you. Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management is looking for Global Loan Sales Executives for our securities loan team. Candidates should have a good network that they can call upon are required to seek out clients who are interested in obtaining an equity-based loan collateral by publicly traded securities.

As a Global Loan Sales Professional, you will:
Proactively seek opportunities to engage customer focused equity-based loan conversations, with a goal of bringing new customers to Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management
Establish and enhance your presence with Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management in the global community
Identify leading-edge tactics to generate leads and build a pipeline of equity-based loan business
Proactively contact broker dealers/referral sources
Have understanding and access to marketing, sales and social media support
Be rewarded with industry leading-competitive compensation
Providing a best-in-class customer service to current and prospective customers
Billions of dollars are lent out yearly against securities and we structure creative financing solutions.


Bring your passion for creating great customer experiences, along with
A positive, enthusiastic attitude, with strong people skills
Strong negotiation and communication skills
An innovative approach to sourcing business opportunities
Being flexible, adaptable, and keen to work in a fast-paced environment that’s always evolving
An established referral network
Knowledge of stock brokerage, financial sales, mortgages, insurance, loans, legal, commercial real estate or securities.
Confidence in networking with a talent for sales
Being energized and open to proactively exploring new ways of doing things to differentiate COMPANY ABC in the marketplace

Ideal candidate will have a professional sales experience interacting with owners, ultra-high net worth individuals and executives.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management provides securities-based loans to investors looking to maximize the potential of their existing publicly traded securities through our Non-Recourse Based Stock Loans. Our clients are seeking liquidity for personal or business use without having the need to sell their existing securities. Our goal is to deliver customized, innovative financing solutions to individuals and businesses seeking an alternative to the direct sale of their securities. The global marketplace is relatively new at dealing with equity-based stock lending and stock secured financing. For the longest time only clients with a high net worth and large international corporation accounts were able to access equity and stock loans; however, Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management is disrupting the industry and opening the playing field to anyone who meets our requirements. Average loan is $3M-$30M and we offer on average a 4%-6% success fee to our independent salespeople equating to $120k- $600k commission upon successfully closing a deal. It is very common to earn a six-figure commission on one transaction.

This is a commission only part time of full-time position that offers huge income possibility.

As Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management does not charge borrowers any up-front fees, which makes us more reliable in delivering results to clients. All fees are paid at closing from loan proceeds. Entire process is quickly completed usually in under three weeks. Whereas full commission is paid shortly after closing.

A non-recourse stock loan is a type of loan favored by many investors and possibly the best way for investors to raise the funds they need. Providing capital to investors while still letting the investor maintain their assets is one of the main reasons a non-recourse stock loan is used to raise capital in many situations.

Non-recourse stock loans let the borrower pledge collateral, in the form of securities, in return for capital upfront. This way, borrowers can retain the securities that they pledge as collateral instead of selling the securities to raise the needed funds. One benefit with a stock-based loan is that the Borrower is limited in the amount of personal collateral that is put at risk. If the borrower were to default on a non-recourse stock loan, the only thing that is at risk of being seized is the assets they have pledged as collateral, in this case, securities. Borrowers will never be at risk of losing any other assets if they default because it is a non-recourse loan, this limits the risk to borrowers while still giving them access to much-needed capital. Non-recourse stock loans are asset qualified, not borrower. No credit-checks, no income necessary.

You find the clients; we place the loan.

For further information and a detailed confidential proposal, please contact us by sending your resume and brief cover letter to us. We will reply accordingly. No phone inquiries please. We do not conduct phone interviews.

If you’re seeking a role with a growing business that values employee development, Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management wants you part of the team!