Mapping Driver / Mapping Technical Operator & Navigator
Tech Mahindra
Quebec City, QC

Job Summary:

We are currently working with a major technology company to collect map data across a number of Countries. The collection of map data involves driving cars equipped with sensor on the roof of the vehicles which scan and collect data of the road network. This data will lead to developing the next generation of digital maps to power mobile applications and self-driving cars.

As part of this project we are seeking people to drive and navigate the vehicles around the areas to be mapped. We are currently recruiting in Canada. We are looking for Drivers and Technical Operators/Navigators (navigation and the operation of the Technical Equipment) who are enthusiastic, friendly and safe. You will be working as part of a larger team so being personable is required. You should be comfortable driving/navigating for long periods around 8 hrs per day, have good experience in driving/navigating in all situations, cities, freeways, suburban and rural. You should have good knowledge of GPS and navigation applications. You should have a technical background or interest in computer systems, be comfortable with the appropriate training, connecting the sensor equipment together and being able to monitor the equipment via a tablet computer. Technical operation does not require any deep technical knowledge such as programming. The vehicles will be provided for you, you should have a clean background check, driving record and driver’s license valid in Canada. You should be in good physical health, with the ability to lift heavy equipment (140lbs approx.) on top of a vehicle with assistance from another person. You will generally work 8hrs per day, but occasionally extended hours and weekends maybe necessary.

The project will be completed in phases, the first phase is expected to take around 2 months and for that period you will be required to stay at hotels, as you will be mapping extensively around Canada, often not returning to a central base. Hotel accommodation will be provided, as well as fuel and a daily allowance for food.

Mapping Driver / Mapping Technical Operator & Navigator Responsibilities:

- Drive the mapping vehicles with care and attention, abiding by all traffic and highway rules;
- Use of navigation software and other applications as instructed to follow routes;
- Work effectively as part of a larger mapping team;
- Interact with other drivers, driver managers and members of the public in a professional manner;
- Follow the rules and work missions as requested by the driver managers;
- Work away from home from extended periods of time up to 2 months;
- Work occasional evenings and weekends;
- Complete daily checks on the vehicle and equipment and notify manager of any issues;
- Drive carefully especially with the regards to the equipment on the vehicle, such as knowledge of the height of the vehicle with the equipment, being mindful of low- hanging objects such as trees;
- Protect the equipment and vehicle by always parking the vehicle securely;
- Follow security protocols and instructions from managers;
- Maintain confidentiality of the project and the data collected;
- Maintain driver logs as required by the manager;

- Receive training on the operation of the mapping sensor equipment;

- Operate and monitor the sensor equipment on a daily basis in the mapping vehicle;

- Use navigation software and other applications as instructed to follow routes;

- Consideration to the equipment and functionality of it is mandatory;

- Troubleshoot equipment issues;

- Maintain drive and data collection logs as required by the manager.

Driver / Technical Operator & Navigator Qualifications & Skills:

- Be a Canadian Citizen or have a working Visa/Legal Residence Card;
- Minimum of 10 years driving experience; (a waiver for this requirement can be submitted depending on circumstances)
- Canadian Driver's License and Clean Driving Record;
- Not a user of recreational drugs or prescription medication that may affect your ability to drive;
- Ability to manage time effectively;
- Ability to work well in a team;
- Ability to listen to managers and complete tasks efficiently;
- Basic Technical Familiarity with maps, phones and Tablet computers;
- Familiarity with GPS devices and mapping apps;

- Good level of experience operating technical equipment and computers;

- Good level of experience using maps and navigation applications;

- Be able to logically follow technical instructions;

- Good understanding of the Canadian road network;

- Be a good communicator and be able to complete reports for managers;

- Strength to lift up to 140 lbs with the help of another person, plus bending and twisting;
- Honest, open and transparent communication.

Important – Training Requirements:

Anyone applying for this role is required to go through a training program. The first training program will be held near Toronto. If you are applying for this role please make sure you will be available to attend the training. Your travel and accommodation costs for the training will be covered. If you cannot attend this training, please let us know in your application, we may still consider you for future roles.

Salary Expectations:

$21 CAD per hour + 1.5x for overtime

$30 CAD per diem daily for food in addition to hourly rate

Hotel paid by company

Company vehicle

Gas card provided

Reimbursable unplanned expenses with receipts

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $21.00 /hour