Journalist Internship
Eligible Magazine
Toronto, ON


Are you creative, fun and full of ideas? Do you love to write? Do you work hard and feel proud after you accomplish your goals? Need more experience to add to your portfolio? Eligible Magazine is looking for some fresh talent and will be offering 3 Journalist internships starting very soon!

What is the job description for a Journalist Intern?

Our Winter/Spring internship program is a work from home program. Interns will have all training provided via video chats, phone convos and monthly in-person meetings with our Editor-in-chief.

Duties will include: - Researching current events happening around the world that relate to our brand and creating articles in your own words.- Interviewing & writing weekly articles- Article Layout & Design.- Research & Writing for Better Dating Ideas Column- Attending events in the city to write about for the magazine.

What is the work environment like at Eligible Magazine?

Our past interns have always enjoyed the work environment. We keep it fun and relaxing, jeans are ok. We expect our interns to work together with each other as well as closely with upper management. We are big on time management and being organized. We work out of a private members club located at King West & Portland. This internship will be a work from home opportunity. Teaching time management, independence and the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Is there a stipend offered for this internship?

There is not. We are looking for students who require hours in their field in order to complete their schooling or those interested in journalism that would like to gain experience and published articles.

How long is the internship for?

We are looking for individuals who are committed to being a part of our team for 3-6 months (These dates can be discussed).

How do I apply?

Since there are 3 positions available each internship will be broken into the topics that will be assigned during the term. Below you will see what each interns topics will be, you may apply for one or all three. To apply, please send your resume and include a two paragraph article on one of the topics below for each Journalist position you are applying for.

Journalist #1: Women/Men's Fashion, Beauty, Gossip, Sex

Journalist #2: Dating, Relationships, A Better You & Men/Women's Fitness

Journalist #3: Wine & Dine, Travel, Wellness, Get Inspired

Job Type: Internship