Assistant Home Supports Leader
Clare Parker Homes
Regina, SK


Looking for support for 4 ladies in entering their senior years. They love being outside, people watching, and sunbathing. They are looking for support in an environment that where physical touch is a form of communicating comfort and reassurance due to multiple communication barriers. And environment that reflects what they value which is a calm and quieter home.

The person for this must be aware of the impact noises, voice tones, and environmental factors play in supporting these individuals, comfortable with affection, comfortable providing personal care in a kind and respectful manner. Is comfortable working in collaboration with a mixture of people – with a diverse team from a range of backgrounds and an individual’s circle of support. Being stretched within your job and constantly learning new things about the person you work with and how to best support them.

General Accountability and Key Responsibilities:

The CPH Assistant Home Supports Leader is directly accountable to their CPH Home Supports Leader and their Home Supports Coordinator and indirectly to the Executive Director. He/she shall be directly accountable for providing high quality support to people, working together with their support team and Home Support Leader to ensure that goals and objectives are met. Specifically, the Assistant Home Supports Leader is responsible to:

  • Provide direct support in a manner that is consistent with CPH philosophy and personalized support plans.
  • Follow through on team decisions, support plans and directions from their Home Supports Leader and/or Home Supports Coordinator.
  • Participate in the development, support and delivery of personalized plans for the people they support, including attending meetings as requested.
  • Develop strong, positive relationships with the people they support, their families, co-supports and external agencies involved with the people CPH serves.
  • Participate in Person Centred Planning for people receiving support.
  • Attend training, team meetings, etc… as requested/required
  • Provide assistance to the Home Supports Leader in tasks as assigned.
  • Is the first person on call for the home during approved Home Support Leader absences.
  • Assisting to ensure that home is maintain in clean and healthy manner.
  • The ability to manage and respond to crisis situations that may arise
  • Ensure a safe & healthy work environment for staff & residents.

The Assistant Home Supports Leader is a full time role. This role will be expected to support a minimum of 35 hours per week with at least 25 hours per week during awake support times. If the Assistant Home Supports Leader chooses to work more than 80 hours per pay period their rate of pay will revert to that of the Direct Support Worker (unless extra hours worked are due to an emergency situation).Good relations must be developed and maintained with the people we support, their network (family, friends, and personal networks), CPH management personnel and other co-supports at CPH. Good external relations must be developed and maintained with CLSD Social Workers, health care professionals, agencies and community employers.

The most important decisions of the CPH Assistant Home Supports Leader relate to quality of life and support provided to individuals particularly:

  • Ensuring the support provided is of high quality, person centered, and in harmony with planning CPH philosophy and Gentle Teaching.
  • Always working towards the individuals overall satisfaction. The support person understands that he/she is coming into the home/life of the people served by CPH. The recognition of this must remain the foremost in our minds. We must therefore respect the wishes in their service provision within the parameters of safety and quality of life. Those parameters must be decided at the team level with the support of the person, the family/personal network, funding bodies and community supports (where available).
  • Assuming responsibilities and decision making of the Home Supports Leader during approved Home Supports Leader absences, unexpected illness or events and Home Supports Leader annual holidays.

Required Leadership Competencies:

  • Team Builder: Able to implement a common purpose or goal among team members
  • Forward looking: Seeks solutions that will build toward future goals
  • Dependable: Consistent, reliable, available as needed
  • Creative: Able to find options, ideas and suggestions
  • Proactive: Able to think two steps ahead, foreseeing potential obstacles, challenges, or opportunities
  • Directive: Able to train others, clearly state job expectations, and delegate as needed
  • Basic Computer Skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Related post-secondary education is an asset.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • A proven, strong working knowledge and belief in CPH philosophy and Gentle Teaching.
  • Related Physical and/or Occupational therapy knowledge is an asset.
  • A good understanding of a rights and Supported Decision Making.

A working knowledge of the following:

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention techniques
  • Alternative communications

It is desirable that this position sees the importance of the individually oriented support plans for each person served. This position should also demonstrate both creativity and common sense when serving people.

Full job descriptions will be made available upon request and at the time of offer

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $19.89 /hour


  • related: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Class 5 Drivers License (Required)