React Web Application Developer (Calgary, AB)
Finger Food Studios
Calgary, AB
Caution - ONLY apply for this role if you are bored in your current humdrum role, where you really don’t make a difference…

Join Finger Food and you’ll instantly get involved in projects that will excite you, across industries where every project is a game changer.

As a React Web Application Developer at Finger Food, you get thrown into the mix, working on the hottest technology from day 1.
We’ll assume that, as a talented developer, you’re pretty senior and a technical expert. You’re comfortable taking ownership, and despite knowing a hell of a lot, open to a little learning from the superb team around you.

Yep, there’s a team, and you’ll get to collaborate, compare ideas and build some seriously cool stuff!

Looking at our current work, there’s a strong focus on cloud applications, experiences, infrastructure, and deployments, which are at the heart of this exciting role. We’re using big data sets to analyze and visualize a range of complexed problems and actively involved in building Robotics and Blockchain solutions.

We’re a fast growing organization, with some amazing clients - you’re going to hear about us, a lot, in 2019. Get in now, before it’s too late.

Work closely with clients to build solutions to address their needs.
Transform well-planned wireframes into functional working software.
Manage your own time and task list efficiently.
Jump into the latest technology, and get ready to learn.
Work on-site with clients or in our state of the art HQ.
Obvious stuff – Use tools such as WebStorm, VS Code, Git, JIRA, Jenkins, and Travis.

1+ years of experience developing and maintaining ReactJS and Redux based web applications.
In-depth knowledge of JavaScript (ES5 and ES6/7 and ES8), HTML5 and CSS.
Experience with RESTful APIs.
Proven ability to deliver software products from concept to submission.
Understanding of the software development lifecycle.
Understanding of Computer Science theory, Data Structures and Algorithms.
Good communicator with the ability to work in a team environment.
4-year degree (preferred), or 2-year diploma, or equivalent experience.

Commercial experience with VueJS or Angular.
Back end or full stack development experience.
Experience using Node.js, WordPress.
Experience using NPM, Yarn, Webpack, Babel, Rollup, Browserify, gulp, grunt.
Familiarity with a variety of database technologies such as Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Redis.
Deployment using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.
Experience building mobile apps using React Native.