Director, Communications Planning
Toronto, ON
Communications Planning designs communications strategies that create meaningful interactions between people and brands, providing the critical foundation for how brands can thrive. Its responsibility is to link the business strategy to a communication strategy and translate the communications strategy into an optimal and integrated framework that identifies the key elements (e.g. channels, content formats) that are needed to bring the plan to life. Its ultimate ambition is to tangibly and effectively articulate how consumers will experience the core creative idea across all paid, owned and earned communication touchpoints. We are looking for someone who loves solving client’s business challenges and wants to operate in a consultative manner with both our internal teams and clients. This role reports directly to the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

The primary role will be working across a variety of existing clients, supporting new business and our consulting practice called Grow, dedicated to helping start-ups move quickly to growth. The ultimate delivery for this role is to create and execute best in class, highly creative communication strategies leveraging the resources we have available in data and tools and business acumen.

Behavior we are looking for:
The position requires a strong leader with exceptional storytelling abilities. They are obsessed about business, the people it serves and how media and technology advancements can make that happen. They are highly organized, doers, someone who want to, need to, be knee-deep in the process, meeting with creative and media teams, mining for insights, interfacing with clients, identifying opportunities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in marketing, daily.

They exhibit leadership skills that keep them involved in an on-going dialogue about the business and help them confidently and autonomously drive through complex projects. They are people with a point of view who can inspire and captivate their teams as they explain their work, as well as teach and mentor their peers as they go. They are passionate about sharing great work from ourselves and others.

The Communications Planning Lead creates a unique, intimate partnership with the relevant internal and client functions. Fueled by business learning they will identify transformational business and consumer learning and insight across markets, identifying commonalities that feed the design of actionable communication strategies for each cluster that explain how, when, where and with what format of content that the consumer will experience the brand.

  • Dissect the brief to identify and align on the real challenge and opportunity for communications across markets, in direct partnership with different internal teams and client brand, media and research teams
  • Define consumer, category, business, and brand drivers
  • Model media investments
  • Define and prioritize target audiences
  • Develop success measurement frameworks
  • Create understanding of the customer journey/decision-making development
  • Synthesize the most critical and transformational insights across consumer, brand, category, culture and communications, identifying commonalities across the cluster market
  • Create actionable, strategic communications platforms that support the creative idea
  • Design and visualize the supporting communications framework for how the strategies will be deployed, requiring:
o Identification of the most impactful media touchpoints, their specific role and how they should be measured
o Identification of a precise list of content formats that will be required across each channel
o Identification of cultural, behavioral and competitive agility triggers that will deliver more receptive and memorable interactions with our audience
o Identification of breakthrough media ideas, media innovation priorities and media partnerships
  • Cascade communication strategies to internal disciplines responsible for its deployment and activation within each cluster market
  • Manage the alignment of partner agencies with the communication strategy within each cluster market
  • Conduct regular check-ins with the activation and measurement teams to keep ahead of new learning and insight that may inform how to make improvements to the strategy in each cluster market
  • Close collaboration with the CSO, Marketing Sciences team, Content+ team and other Communications Planning team members to develop new services and products
What you’ve already conquered:
  • 8+ years in business planning, communications planning, strategic planning or account planning (media or creative agency)
  • A track record of collaboration leading to results
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Confident and compelling story-telling, both written and verbal
  • Effective application of different types of data feeds to build a story
  • Practical knowledge of communications planning frameworks
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of business planning (e.g. media fundamentals, consumer segmentation, customer journey, measurement models, budget setting etc.)
  • A broad yet practical understanding of insights and business planning tools
  • Experience mining for insights and creating strategies across markets
  • Understanding of media sophistication/nuances across markets
  • Comprehensive understanding of communications formats across channels
  • Working in close partnership with industry leading media partners
  • Leading alignment and strategic oriented workshops with clients and agency partners
  • Experience of working with tight deadlines and under pressure
  • A love of collaboration and an ability to work independently