Housing Coordinator
North of Superior Counselling Programs
Nipigon, ON

Position Description – Counsellor/Housing Coordinator, Adult Services
CU-11-19 (Union) Nipigon
The Counsellor/Housing Coordinator provides a range of supports for individuals living in the community who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless any of whom have ongoing, serious and complex mental and physical health and addiction issues. The Counsellor/Housing Coordinator offers clients daily support, with the main priority and purpose being to assist the individual obtain and maintain housing.
The Counsellor/Housing Coordinator will work in partnership with other key stakeholders and service providers to facilitate access to services along the service continuum.
Core Competencies

  • Mindfulness & Self Reflection
  • Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Resourceful & Adaptable
  • Accountability/Dependability
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Planning and Organization
  • Time Management
  • Independence & Teamwork
  • Client & Service Orientation

Job Duties
a. Working as a key partner for the support and empowerment of healthy people, resilient families, and vibrant communities within the NOSP Service Area.
b. Ability to work with client’s needs within a recovery framework.
c. Implement client-centered supports using a harm reduction approach.
d. Demonstrated tolerance and understanding for individuals who present for services with urgent multiple needs, issues and problematic behavioural characteristic.
e. Apply long-term strategies that support client recovery.
f. Use non-violent crisis intervention strategies that may impact client’s housing stability.
g. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with required community resources.
h. Knowledge of the housing continuum, including supported housing systems and program models for special needs populations.
i. Ability to maintain an empathetic “clear-eyed detachment” for the dilemma of individuals in severe need, have a tolerance for frustration and delayed gratification, and be able to juggle creatively and successfully around a variety of barriers that keep individuals from successful personal and community wellbeing.
j. Ability to exhibit a high level of patience and tolerance for a work atmosphere that is very busy and highly unstructured.
k. Use of standardized assessment tools to determine the types and level of service(s) required.
l. Co-develop treatment plans with clients that include goals to address needs identified through assessment, engaging clients to take an active part in the process.
m. Sound knowledge of the range of primary and community health, mental health and addictions and related social services and how to access them.
n. Monitor client achievement goals, providing follow-up and revisions to goals as required.
o. Advocate for and support clients as appropriate through various means, including but not limited to participation in case conferences, facilitating contact with other services and making referrals to other services.
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Position Description – Counsellor/Housing Coordinator, Adult Services
CU-11-19 (Union) Nipigon
p. Maintain an accurate client record that is reflective of services provided and contains updated information.
q. Contribute to quality assurance/improvement activities through participation in the evaluation of services by providing clients with standardized feedback tools, contributing to program planning and providing feedback.
r. Ensure clients receive service and treatment according to the service delivery system and NOSP’s policies and philosophy of treatment.
s. Ensure that the rights of the clients are addressed in accordance with legislation, and NOSP standards, policies and procedures.
t. Work from an inclusive perspective, such that the diversity of all people is acknowledged, respected, and included in our practices with clients, colleagues, partners, and larger community.
u. Provide crisis and suicide intervention services as necessary.
v. As required, develop individualized safety plans with family and multidisciplinary Teams.
w. Maintain all case documentation, reports and files according to the standards set in the NOSP’s policies, procedures and Service Delivery Management System.
x. Provide group programming to clients as assigned.
y. Maintain professional relationships with collaborating agencies and community partners to improve quality of services.
a. Bachelor or Masters of Social Work (or equivalent) degree from a recognized and accredited university.
b. Eligible for Registration with the Ontario College of Certified Social Workers is preferred.
c. A preference of three (3) years’ experience in a mental health &/or addiction agency providing clinical interventions.
d. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in a variety of evidence based assessments, therapeutic interventions and strategies/therapy.
e. Experience and skill in group development and facilitation.
f. Knowledge and understanding of harm reduction and recovery approaches.
g. Demonstrated ability to work with complex populations.
h. The position may require working flexible hours contingent upon client need.
i. Knowledge and understanding of the impact of intergenerational trauma and colonization.
j. ASIST and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention is an asset.
k. Vulnerable Criminal Record Check.
l. A valid Ontario Driver's Licence is required, along with ability to travel. Must have use of a privately owned vehicle, and two million dollar liability insurance coverage.
m. Proficient in use of computers, with practical experience in current software applications, including Microsoft Office and client management systems.
n. Excellent time management and prioritizing skills.
o. Excellent communication skills (nonverbal, verbal and written)
p. Bilingualism is an asset.
Occupational Health & Safety
a. Follows all policies and procedures to ensure personal safety and safety of others.
b. Report any equipment or safety problems to supervisor.
c. Review Agency policies and procedures as required.
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Position Description – Counsellor/Housing Coordinator, Adult Services
CU-11-19 (Union) Nipigon
In the performance of his/her duties, the Counsellor/Housing Coordinator will ensure the confidentiality of members and Branch matters. A breach of confidentiality may result in immediate dismissal.
Approved: Executive Director
January 2016
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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year


  • English (Preferred)
  • French (Preferred)