ER Support Zone Agent
First Care Solutions
Bryanston, ON
An ER Support Zone Agent position is available at the First Care Solutions head office in Bryanston, Johannesburg. To perform the job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential duty and bring to the position outstanding organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks and people simultaneously, whilst meeting deadlines.

Skills Required

Matriculation Certificate
Business certificate or diploma (an advantage)
3+ years’ experience in communication or call centre environment
Able to work effectively in a multi-tasking environment
Medical industry experience would be an advantage
Intermediate in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Ability and skill to follow knowledgebase, complex business and escalation processes


Team player
Positive Attitude
Accepts responsibility
Self-motivated and committed
Proactive, organised and dependable
Strong personal work ethic
Share common goals and vision of company
Attention to detail to essential
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills

Shift Structure & Contracted Hours

Remuneration is based on contracted hours of 180 hours per month
Hours above 180 hours per month will be paid as overtime at 1 X your basic hourly rate
Hours above 193 hours per month will be paid as overtime at 1.33 X your basic hourly rate
Work on Sundays will be paid at 1.5 X your basic hourly rate
Work on Public Holidays will be paid at 2 X your basic hourly rate
Each agent is required to work shifts on a rotation basis
– Shifts will be scheduled as follows (12 hour shifts)
– 07.00 to 19.00 Monday through Sunday including public holidays
– 19.00 to 07.00 Monday through Sunday including public holidays
– 4 days on, 4 days off – mix of day, night and cover shifts
Shifts allocated per pattern so weekend work will move per the pattern
This is the envisaged pattern but may change from time to time but will be communicated with the team if any changes are made

Key Functions

It is the intention of this job description to act as guide to a complex set of duties. To this end, this list of duties is not exhaustive and it will be required that work tasks may extend beyond the below list. Organization skills and attention to detail are key to the success of this role and must be conducted in a professional manner.

Summary of the ER Support Zone Agent Role:
Prompt and efficient resolution of incoming calls and incidents is essential to maintaining and improving business processes
Assisting with the scheduling of all employees (internal and clients) on the scheduling system according to approved rules and timelines
Assisting and directing of Information Technology (IT) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) queries
Applying and escalating medical and non-medical senior on call incidents via the business process
Appropriately using the knowledgebase to enable quick and correct responses to all requests entering the Zone
Communication of schedules and shifts to all employees (internal and clients)
Meeting with department manager to update schedule progress and queries
Submitting completed Travel Requisition to client for approval and booking
Completion of daily reports
Daily hand over to next agent
Referring employment leads

Daily and Weekly Roles and Responsibilities

Operational Scheduling

The first and most important task for each shift change is to ensure that an approved employee (internal and clients) is working at each and every business location 24/7/365.

Daily checking of schedules online, ensure there are no double bookings
Ensure employees and managers are adding their shifts correctly and that they are timeously approved
Assist employees (internal and clients) with any queries they may have with booking shifts
An “Open Shifts” report created on the scheduling system must be sent out daily to employees (internal and clients) as well as the required management structure
Contact employees (internal and clients) for open shifts from the activated employees (internal and clients) as per profiles on the on line scheduling system
Ensure that the Daily Contact Report is updated and saved in order for the following shift to add their input (Document to be updated on the system daily)
Forward all documentation and referral forms of potential employees (internal and clients) to the HR
Department after authorization by the department manager
Ensure that updated schedules are emailed to all administrators every Friday by close of business
Ensure all unit contact lists are kept updated at all times and are emailed to all employees (internal and clients) as well as administrators every second week
Each ER Support Zone Agent must communicate daily with the department manager via email regarding the shifts filled or changed so that department manager is aware of all the activity during the active month
Each ER Support Zone Agent must ensure that all reports are updated daily in order for the next shift to carry on with the tasks at hand
Each ER Support Zone Agent must ensure that they learn and know how to work with the scheduling system in order to assist any of the clients and employees at any time
Duties for the shift may be allocated to an individual ER Support Zone Agent but responsibility is shared between the ER Support Zone Agents across shifts
Ensure that all open shifts are covered timeously and added to the scheduling system correctly
Shift modification (increasing/decreasing hours etc.) must be updated on the system followed by a confirmation email to the employees (internal and clients) as well as the department manager with the details of all the changes
Ensure that all employees (internal and clients) are aware and follow the cancellation policy
Changes to standard/published rates for employees (internal and clients) can only be approved as per HR and client’s protocol
Special arrangements, such as travel and accommodation needs to be approved as per management and client’s protocol and with an approved Travel Requisition form.
– Confirmation must be obtained in writing when making changes or booking shifts on an employee’s (internal and clients) behalf and must be communicated via email
Email read receipts and fax transmission reports are not acceptable forms of shift confirmation as they do not confirm that the email or fax has been acted on.
Additional Scheduling Guidelines and the Scheduling Timelines document must be read and understood

Senior on Call Incident Management

Incoming calls and incidents will be answered by the ER Support Zone Agent
The ER Support Zone Agent will follow the business process / decision tree to action and escalate the incident to the appropriate senior on call
All incidents will be recorded and final resolution detailed
No medical or clinical advice may be given and prompt and appropriate escalation is essential

Information Technology First line Support and Escalation

Answer and address incoming IT and Electronic Medical Record support incident per the knowledgebase and business process
Assist end user with first line support for IT issues
Escalate IT and Electronic Medical Record queries that cannot be resolved to the IT technician on call
All incidents will be recorded and final resolution detailed

Customer Service Interactions (Pilot Project)

Interact with customers and patients to enable retention and improve business efficiencies
Provide customer and patient feedback through various channels
Promote business image and resolve or escalate potential complaints
Record customer and patient interaction for data analytics