Assembler/QA Technician
Surrey, BC
Position: Assembler/QA Technician

Department: Manufacturing

Reporting to: Production Supervisor

Status: Permanent, fulltime, hourly

Date: December 2018

Job Summary:
You will perform initial and final calibration and testing. In addition, you will repair all products at the board and system level. This position also requires high-level electro-optical assembly (i.e. installing cooling packages, CCD cleaning and final assembly on cameras). Most Quality Assurance functions will also be done at this station, therefore a detailed, organized approach is essential.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Test, repair, and program all products at the board, shield, and camera level.
Pre-assembly, Final assembly, testing and calibration of cameras.
Repair all returned products.
Maintain accurate test and serial number logs for all outbound products.
Ensure outgoing product is compliant to hardware, firmware, software and testing methods. This also extends to image quality of product and product cosmetic considerations.
Continuously improve the product, process and environment through suggestions, initiatives and teamwork.
Comply with all workmanship standards, safety and company policies.

Skills & Experience Required:
2 to 3 years testing and debugging experience in an electronics-manufacturing environment.
Conscientious, organized and detail oriented.
Ability to use a PC.
Excellent eyesight with the ability to work for extended periods using a microscope or PC.
Excellent communication skills, responsible, self-motivated and team player.

The scope of this job description is subject to change based on the requirements and evolution of QIMAGING. All employees may be required to perform tasks outside the scope of this job description as the need arises. Employees are highly encouraged to continuously learn new skills.