SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service
Stockton, MB
Cashier The Cashier is responsible for establishing and maintaining good customer relations and to accurately complete paperwork required to track and service customers. Performs other duties not directly stated below, as instructed by either the Manager or Assistant Manager. EMPLOYMENT QUALIFICATIONS
Commitment to excellence at all levels of service.
Retail experience, automotive experience helpful.
Good communication skills, cheerful and friendly.
Enthusiastic attitude and good work ethic.
Basic computer and office management skills.
Clean and neat appearance, good telephone voice.
Employee Relations
Works to maintain a team effort of quality customer service.
Customer Relations/Business Development
Greets the customer.
Explains the SpeeDee Franchise Organization preventative maintenance services and pricing structure in order to achieve high customer satisfaction and increased sales.
Bills out the customer.
Obtains any technical information from manager or tune-up technicians in response to questions from customers.
Presents all promotional materials to customers.
Maintains marketing programs as directed by manager.
Shop Operations
Maintains spotless customer service/office area.
Maintains customer restroom.
Answers telephone in an approved manner.
Greets and writes up work orders for customers when business trends dictate the need.
Conforms to the standards and procedures prescribed by the SpeeDee Franchise Organization Daily Operations Manual and other manuals.
Maintains appointment scheduler.
Attends all training sessions provided, applicable to his/her career and position requirements.
Completes and maintains work orders in a systematic way.
Maintains operations of office computer system and daily cash receipts.
Cleanliness of customer/office/lobby area.
Minimum over and shorts.
Handling of customers.
Seeks training over and above job requirements.
Attends all scheduled store meetings.