Assistant Customer Success Manager
Vancouver, BC
Are you an experienced leadership professional passionate about helping others? Do you have an interest in health, wellness, and holistic nutrition?

Would you like to work with an inspirational and fun team that supports professional development, and offers an innovative, employee-centric environment?


If you dread the sound of your alarm in the morning, you know you’re in the wrong job! But at AlgaeCal, waking up for work won’t be a problem…

Why? Because every day at AlgaeCal presents exciting challenges to test your skills. Every day brings opportunities to work with team members who care as much for you as they do our customers. And every day lets you have the chance to genuinely help people overcome osteoporosis.

There isn’t a rigid job description for our employees and every day is different. But below are a few of the tasks you can look forward to:

Lead a team of contact service representatives by inspiring, developing, and coaching.
Assist with the management of the day-to-day operations of the inbound contact center as they relate to staff management, coaching and mentoring, call volumes, service level management, product knowledge, and training.
Coach mentor, and train customer service representatives to effectively serve customers, and remedy issues and challenges.
Assist with the evaluation of performance and conduct reviews, provide timely feedback, perform needs assessments, identify training needs, and plan training strategy.
Foster a culture that seeks to place the customer as the highest priority and drives decision-making, prioritizing and order processing.
Imbed a customer-centric approach in all areas of the department: from CSR communication, system processes, messaging, policies and guidelines.
Develop and implement effective customer service policies and guidelines by closely collaborating with internal teams and having a strong understanding of customers and business needs.
Drive short and long-term goals, consistently identifying areas for innovation to improve the customer experience.
This extraordinary opportunity will be awarded to a truly caring person who has had at least 3 years in customer service – and 5 years of success in sales. The ideal candidate will possess experience successfully building teams and performing training and development activities.


AlgaeCal Inc, an online nutritional supplement company, is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. One of the reasons for that growth? We offer something no other company has: a natural, clinically-proven solution to bone loss (osteoporosis). Bone scans prove we are actually reversing the disease in adults across the world and we need help to spread the word. That’s where you come in!

We’re the real deal…

The first thing you’ll notice about AlgaeCal is our unique culture, hard-working but fun office environment, and positive family spirit. In fact, you may find pretty quickly that AlgaeCal is a place you’ll want to spend the rest of your career. After all, we want all our employees to become ‘lifers’… no joke!

Just as we want to serve our customers, we want to serve you, our employees (we call ourselves AlgaeBuds), and make sure that you enjoy your work every. single. day.

But don’t be confused. Being the real deal also means our standards are sky high and we don’t just let anyone into our family. When we say you’ll enjoy every single day you work here, there will surely be some challenging moments— let’s be real here, no job is perfect! .

But we promise you that every day you’ll have a moment… a moment of clarity or empowerment or a surge of adrenaline that will tell you that you’re doing what you love and are making a difference in this crazy, but beautiful world.

COMPENSATION $45,000-$50,000 CDN

You will also enjoy the following benefits

$2000 flexible employee health benefits package
100% BC Medical Services Plan coverage if you live in BC
Family style team lunches on Fridays with tasty, healthy organic meats and veggies
Annual team trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, and other team events
Professional development opportunities at conferences – let us know what events you would like to attend

Our company is built on the mantra that top performers can customize their own futures with us. If you have what it takes and you “rock” everything you do, there are endless growth opportunities within our family. If you show consistent success in this role, you will have many options for upward growth within our company.


Job opportunities like this don’t come along often, and we’ve got a lot to offer our successful applicant. So, to make sure our future Assistant Customer Success Manager is the real-deal, will be a great fit, and will thrive at AlgaeCal, we ask a little more than your run-of-the-mill job application.

So, do you have what it takes to become the next member of team AlgaeCal? If this sounds like a position for you, please respond to this advertisement with your resume and cover letter.

Please, read carefully. The cover letter must address the following questions:

1) Write a COVER LETTER addressing the following questions:
a) Why do you think you’ve got what it takes to become AlgaeCal’s Associate Customer Success Manager? Give SPECIFIC and quantifiable examples of relevant achievements and accolades.

b) Describe why you will fit perfectly with our mission and values noted above. How are you living these values right now?

d) What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever overcome in your life? How did you overcome it?

e) What are the last three books you’ve read?

f) What do you do for fun?

g) Explain what you’re doing now for a job.

– i) If you don’t have one, explain why.

– ii) If you have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.

2) Upload your cover letter and resume

Yes, our hiring process is challenging, but it’s our way of selecting the best – and your way of ensuring your AlgaeCal teammates are tops.

Good success to you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.