Security Guard - Hospital - Charlotte County
Crocker Hill, NB
Are you ready to suit up?
You can help make hospitals a safer place for kids, families and staff.

We are currently hiring Security Guards for On call / casual positions at the Charlotte County Hospital

What you’ll be doing
Patrol inside and outside the hospital to ensure the safety of people and property and the maintenance of order
Protect patients, member of the public, hospital staff, as well as their belongings and public assets
Enforce safety procedures and standards
Escort and assist anyone as needed including to the morgue
Intervene during emergency / crisis situations
Operate video surveillance equipment to supervise activity within a facility
Ensure the availability of wheelchairs
Report any abnormality, defect, risk of fire, accident, theft and/or other abnormal situations to the immediate supervisor and put in place the necessary safety features
Inventory and inspection of fire protection equipment
Write daily reports and incident reports
Perform any other tasks requested by your supervisor
What we offer
Medical benefits after 90 days
Full uniform
Career path planning and advancement opportunities
Full site training
Ongoing online training available
What we’re looking for

High school diploma or equivalence
Intermediate computer skills
24/7 availability
Ability to interact with a diverse clientele
Have a keen sense of observation and responsibility
Demonstrate professionalism at all times and exceptional customer service
Demonstrate good judgment and team spirit
Ability to respond appropriately in emergency situations