Baysville, ON
The successful candidate is a minimum of 20 years of age
Guides are responsible for the overall comfort and safety of the group
Guides are responsible for the safety and skills development on the river
Guides may be hired as full time or contract employees
Guides receive free room and board for the duration of their contract

These applicants must:
Be accomplished moving water canoeists
Have a minimum of 10 weeks logged guide time
Have a minimum of 10 weeks of logged river time
Possess instructional and counseling experience in a work environment
Possess knowledge of river dynamics and group management on the river.
Be a team player, our staff are frequently asked to maintain irregular hours or be on call for extended periods.

These applicants must possess or be willing to obtain the following certifications:

SRTA (Swiftwater rescue technician advanced)
WFR (Wilderness First Responder)
ORCA moving water 2 ( or equivalent)
NLS (National Lifeguard Service)
Possess an Ontario F Class license (or equivalent) must drive a 15 passenger van