Composite Fabricator Technician
Looking for a composite fabricator technician for a temporary position in Ontario, Canada. Position includes the following tasking:

Fabricate, cure, build up and assemble various types of plastic, ceramic and composite products and assemblies, including bonded and mechanically-fastened assemblies, where required information is readily available, methods and sequences have been predetermined and tooling is provided; works to blueprints, templates, sample parts, process sheets and other authorized information, exercising a working knowledge of the physical characteristics of plastic parts and assembly techniques; build laminated assemblies by laying up composite, plastic and metal parts and adhesives onto tools or molds; operate various types of cutting and trimming equipment to trim parts to finished tolerances; perform final finishing operations such as hand and power drilling, grinding, sanding, filing, burring and polishing; perform drilling, reaming countersinking and the installation of fasteners.

  • Must be eligible for Secret Clearance
  • Must have 5+ Years of experience