Internal Auditor I
Government of the Northwest Territories
Yellowknife, NT
Department Information
The Department of Finance has the mandate to provide leadership and direction to the public service in all areas of finance and human resource management. This mandate includes negotiating major financial arrangements with the federal government, providing analysis and advice to the Financial Management Board, and ensuring that financial and information resources are managed effectively, efficiently and economically. This mandate also includes the recruitment and retention of a competent public service that is representative of the people it serves and the development of programs and services that effectively serve the human resource needs of the public service.

Limited Competition
This Job Opening is limited to employees with the GNWT/WSCC in indeterminate and term positions.

Job Information
The Internal Auditor I covers all events and activities where GNWT resources are used. Working under the guidance of experienced internal auditors, the work of Internal Auditor I focuses on areas of a Department involving management control in a specific program or the business process of one or more Departments covering Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement or Technology. The work completed by the Internal Auditor I is submitted to senior auditors that become part of audit reports issued to Deputy Ministers. The Internal Auditor I learns from the experienced auditors and is given more freedom over the audit process as they gain more experience and knowledge.

The incumbent will have some competencies based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired prior to joining the Internal Audit Bureau. The Internal Auditor I develops the following competencies to carry out the roles and responsibilities for the position and works toward the Internal Auditor II position:

Cognitive Skills:Technical skills of:
  • Good oral and written communication
  • Use of software for word processing, spreadsheet, email, and presentations
  • Basic understanding of office environment
Analytical skills:
  • Information technology understanding to conduct research and analysis
  • Ability to research a wide range of topics
  • Structured and reasoned approach to issues
  • Able to problem solve
  • Document reasoning/conclusions
Appreciative skills:
  • Know when to ask questions
  • Recognize issues of importance
  • Perform tasks with accuracy
  • Provide objective criticism diplomatically
  • Be responsive to client needs
  • Appreciates the value of further study/training
Behavioral Skills:Personal skills showing:
  • High moral character shown by honesty, personal Integrity, reliable
  • Pursue self-development
  • Takes pride in achievement
  • Inquisitiveness - needs to know/learn, curious and questioning
  • Adaptable
  • Able to work in groups or individually
  • Well organized
Interpersonal skills:
  • Good listening skills
  • Very good people skills
Organization skills:
  • Aware of organizational culture
  • Awareness of GNWT governance
Typically, the Internal Auditor I competencies would be attained by basic understanding of the theory and principles of management processes. These cognitive and behavioral skills for the Internal Auditor I are normally acquired during the completion of a recent four year business degree from a recognized accredited university combined with six months of office experience.

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