Kitchen Chef
Nabati Bistro
Montréal, QC

We are looking for plant-based Chef to join our team.
Job description:

  • Have a passion and talent for creative and innovative plant-based cooking
  • Be an ambassador for plant-based foods and provide safe, friendly opportunities for omnivores to try new plant-based alternatives
  • Be aware of current food trends for millennials.
  • Must strive to go above and beyond
  • Provide friendly, enthusiastic, and courteous service at all times.
  • Ability to interact with customers and co-workers in order to assure compliance with company service standards, and company inventory and property control procedures.
  • Must have sufficient mobility to perform assigned tasks within production and service time frames established for the job.
  • Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times, by presenting themselves on-time, well-groomed and in full-approved uniform.
  • Able to utilize all resources of food according to Q&A.
  • Ensures the safe operation of kitchen equipment and environment by checking for and reporting hygiene and safety hazards to Sous Chef and Executive Chef.
  • Follows instructions in departmental recipe books.
  • Maintains all departmental standards and procedures. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Participate in developing menu for the plant-based restaurant.
  • Participate in developing new recipes, including vegan versions of classic comfort foods.
  • Test new plant-based products
  • Share knowledge of plant-based cooking techniques colleagues.
  • Daily entries into HACCP logs, temperature logs, production logs, waste logs and preparing food samples for testing and future reference.
  • Follows instructions for quantity of food to prepare and cook for service.
  • Ensures that batch cooking methods are being followed.
  • Understands the importance of containing the cross contamination and know the proper procedures of keeping the food safe.
  • Maintains the area in a clean and safe manner.
  • Able to utilize all resources of food to control waste and minimizing over production.
  • Proper rotation of food in the refrigerator, freezer and storage area.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of all menus, recipes and standards for the station and Chartwells Food Services.
  • Selects, identifies and applies spices, herbs and condiments.
  • Produces and presents hot and cold food in a safe, hygienic manner.
  • Produces food with correct taste, temperature and visual appeal.
  • Ensures foods are produced and served at the correct time.
  • Ensures correct portioning of products.
  • Ensures products are labeled and dated correctly.
  • Monitors condition of food in storage to prevent spoilage and contamination of food.
  • Ensures that all food is placed in clean containers daily.
  • Maintains consistency of all presentations and garnishes.
  • Completes assigned tasks as quickly as is safely practical.
  • Must have simple computational skills. WORK ENVIRONMENT


Type d'emploi : Temps Plein


  • cuisine: 2 ans (Souhaité)