Manual Lathe machinist
Van der Graaf
Brampton, ON

Position Summary :

Sets up and operate to prescribed tolerances: Conventional engine lathes and milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, and boring machines.


  • Read and interpret engineering drawings, blueprints, charts and tables
  • Repair machine tools and parts
  • Set up and adjust production machinery/tools
  • Fit and assemble components and machine parts to close tolerance
  • Maintain, repair and calibrate precision measuring instruments
  • Document and report deviations from specifications and tolerances
  • Maintain inspection records and complete inspection reports
  • Verify dimensions of parts machined using precise measuring instruments (e.g., micrometers, calipers)
  • Compute dimensions and tolerances and measure and lay out work pieces
  • Verify dimensions of products for accuracy and conformance to specifications using precision measuring instruments
  • Set up, operate and maintain a variety of conventional machine tools

Job Type: Full-time