RN Senior Education Administrator - HCA Teacher
Pacific Coast Community College
New Westminster, BC

Job Summary: SEA - flexible hours, competitive pay, team environment

Reporting to the On-site Administrator, the Senior Education Administrator is responsible for maintaining and developing curriculum, teaching materials and instructor training and evaluations in order to maintain the highest quality of training possible to students in the health care sector. Delivery methodology includes, but is not limited to, classroom settings, workshops, one-to-one tutoring, self-paced learning and online training. The scope of work also includes classroom instruction, the investigation and procurement of suitable text materials, the creation of in house training materials, the conversion and adoption of electronic methods including multimedia and tablet computer (iPad) materials. Working to PTIB reporting standards is a requirement.

Duties Include

  • Management of HCA and ACS curriculum - edits and updates as needed to keep with current practice
  • HCA program schedule prior to cohort start date
  • Management of all student issues (save financial issues) e.g. conduct, attendance, academic standing, preparedness etc
  • Oversee laboratory organization, setup, equipment and supply needs, purchase consumables as needed
  • Oversee instructors - evaluations Q 1year, mentor as needed
  • Oversee instructor working schedule - usually Q month
  • Conduct staff meeting and huddles regularly and as needed
  • Teach all aspects of HCA and ACS programs
  • Coordinate all practicums in HCA and ACS program
  • Visit clinical practicum sites regularly if not teaching at the site.
  • Visit all active group home and preceptorship practicum sites at least once per rotation.
  • Maintain connection with field partners as needed
  • Assist senior admin with ensuring all student requirements for practicum have been submitted
  • Maintain regular communication with admin regarding upcoming deadlines on schedule
  • ID badges for all practicums
  • Assist on-site administrator with compliance to registry mandates.
  • Participate in PAC meetings when arranged by on-site administrator

Job Type: Full-time


  • Training or Teaching: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Nursing: 3 years (Required)


  • RN (Required)
  • Provinical Instructor Diploma (Preferred)