Service Assistant (6-month contract)
SMS Equipment Inc.
Fort McMurray, AB
Reporting to the Manager, Administration, the Service Assistant provides administrative support services as they relate to the service functions within well established and clearly defined policies and procedures. Duties include: opening, maintaining & closing work orders, reconciliation of labour, parts, sublets, and freight costs for accuracy, preparing actuals, timely and accurate invoicing to Customers, filing and reporting work order closures daily.

1. Opening work orders as requested by Supervisors and Managers.
  • Prepare work order folder and required physical documentation
  • Assign work order number from EXTEND and enter applicable data
  • Inform the applicable personnel of work order number
  • Certain level of knowledge of customer contracts are required to make appropriate decisions
2. Maintenance of work orders.
  • Collect appropriate data, information and documentation through to completion of the work
  • Filing of documentation
  • Maintain communication with supervisor to ensure proper costing of job
3. Closing of work orders.
  • Reviewing physical work order for inclusion and completeness of appropriate documentation and report any deficiencies
  • Review work order documentation and batch labour entry report with supervisor for discrepancies before final sign-off of job
  • Ensure signed pro-forma and all backup is complete prior to closing as well as any other JSOX requirements
  • Accurate SAP entry
  • E-mailing documentation to customers where applicable
  • Costing and printing of invoice
  • Recording closure on the J drive
4.Performs other administrative duties as assigned
  • File maintenance
  • All other assigned duties by Supervisor or Management
  • To learn other positions for cross training
  • Receptionist coverage as required
  • Scan and verify timesheets

Typically requires High School Diploma supplemented by at least two years of administrative experience in service and related clerical and record keeping duties; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
Excellent computer skills (i.e. word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and internal department electronic systems) to access and update electronic records.
Experience with EXTEND, and SAP training are definite assets.
Excellent verbal communication skills – verifying and/ or exchanging information with internal and external resources.
Excellent skills in time management, work prioritization, and attention to detail.
This position requires travel close to Suncor Site, and transportation is not provided. This position is a Monday- Friday schedule only.