Jr. Sous Chef
Cabot Link at Inverness Limited Partnership
Inverness, NS
Title: Jr. Sous Chef, Cabot Links
Reports to: Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef
Location: 18 Cabot Lane, Inverness, NS, B0E 1N0
Job Type: Full-time Seasonal

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As the Jr. Sous Chef you are responsible for the day to day culinary operations in your outlet. The Jr. Sous Chef is responsible for menu development and training of all colleagues to establish outstanding cuisine on a consistent basis. The Jr. Sous Chef is expected to train, mentor and assist in leading the culinary brigade to great success through demonstration of work ethic and sound business practices that will ultimately lead to a high level of employee engagement, industry accolades and community recognition. The Jr. Sous Chef must be a natural leader that exudes positivity and passion in even the most challenging of circumstances. The position will also be required to assist where needed in the rest of the resort’s culinary operations and will be an active member of all things pertaining to food & beverage leadership. This role presents the unique opportunity of being the trainer and trainee. It is for those who have shown the desire for growth and willingness to take on more to accomplish goals.

Core Accountabilities:
  • Work alongside team of leaders at Cabot to ensure resort consistency and vision is met and exceeded.
  • Work closely with culinary and front of house leaders to build a world class F&B program for the resort, its employees and its guests.
  • Assist in development of a long-term structure in the culinary brigade through training, mentoring and growing of individuals.
  • Sharing recipes and cooking techniques with the culinary brigade and guests
  • Development and maintenance of a ‘food bible’ for all F&B employees. This should have all dishes served, the recipes and images of the dish. It is to be used to ensure sound knowledge and consistency of the food served in all Cabot outlets. The food bible will be an ongoing task and is deemed an essential accompaniment to a menu change.
  • Ensure sound financial performance through labor management and food cost control in tandem with the Sous chef
  • Ensure schedules and payroll are completed on a consistent basis and sent to Chef de Cuisine for approval before deadlines
  • Set goals and objectives to improve kitchen’s performance and efficiency
  • Run efficient food storage, prep and rotation systems
  • Drive and reward performance of top talent
  • Communicate expectations and create an environment of pride and accountability.
  • Work with all departments to ensure clear communication, understanding, and positive relationships between the kitchen and other departments
  • Run a clean, organized culinary operation that meets and exceeds health & safety standards
  • Overseeing the upkeep & maintenance of all kitchen equipment and facilities
  • Monitor & correct daily in/out punches for hourly employees and submit payroll for approval of Sous chef by deadline for biweekly payroll
  • Abide by all occupational health and safety standards
  • Follow all Fire Safety Plans and Regulations
  • Carry out duties through prescribed safe working practices
  • Be proactive in identifying and reporting all safety risks to staff
  • Comply and maintain all specified kitchen standards at all times
  • Other duties as assigned by management
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience with at least 2 years’ experience in a culinary leadership role
  • Degree or diploma in the culinary field or equivalent industry experience
  • Be a confident and proactive leader
  • The ability to prioritize and make effective decisions
  • Verbal and interpersonal communications skills
  • Multi-tasking and complex problem solving in high pressure situations
  • Work all shifts including morning, nights, and weekends
  • Positive attitude and attendance record at all times
  • Highly responsible and reliable
  • Cohesively work as part of a team
Physical Demands:
  • Spending long hours walking, standing, and using knife skills
  • Frequently lifting and carrying 50 - 100 lb
  • Occasionally ascending and descending stairs and ramps
  • Occasionally kneeling, pushing, pulling, and lifting
  • Working in a hot, intense kitchen that does a significant volume of food
  • Other physical demands associated with a busy food & beverage operation