Mold Remediation Site Supervisor
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Our client is seeking an experienced Mold Remediation Site Supervisor to monitor mold remediation work in the housing units in the communities of Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Coral Harbour in Nunavut. This is a 9+ month contract with extensions available with successful execution of role. Regular home leave is also available.

Role and Responsibilities:
Supervise and direct mold remediation and retrofit work as per the design specifications and provided drawings.
Train and supervise mould remediation construction team in industry-recognized methods for mold abatement operations, including all associated worker and public safety measures.
Mold remediation construction team under the Site Supervisor’s direct supervision will include: Carpenter (Red Seal Certified), two to three General Labourers, and Plumbing and Electrical Subcontractors.
Provide training in mold remediation work to Local Housing Organization (LHO) staff as directed and approved by client
Train and fit test employees for respirator use where applicable and maintain fit test records.
Document any changes to original scope of work (such as previously unidentified mold impacts or building material damage) and reporting these potential changes to Client and their Consultant for review and approval prior to initiation of the work.
Oversee the construction and maintenance of Level 2 and 3 containment enclosures (where required) during the work.
Ensure post-remediation personal decontamination procedures and hygiene are followed, including following hazardous waste handling guidelines where required.
Review available materials on site required for mould remediation work and retrofit work and identify additional materials and quantities required for completion of the work.
Maintain inventory records of mould remediation and retrofit materials and equipment.
Facilitate ordering, supply and handling of new material orders in collaboration with Housing Authority and Client.
Use and maintain Client project management software for all project reporting requirements, including Requests for Information (RFIs), Shop Drawing (SD) submissions, Contemplate Change Notices (CCNs), etc. Client project management software training will be provided at start of employment.
On site management of construction project scope.
Manage and modify project schedules and communicate changes proactively with Client and Housing Authority.
Lead and complete weekly project and activity reports, including participating in weekly progress meetings with Client, Housing Authority and Consultant(s). Preparation of Weekly Progress Reports completed using established forms and MS Project office suite
software provided by Client. Weekly Progress Reports to be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before week progress meeting.
Maintain photographic record of mould remediation and retrofit work for submission to Client and Housing Authority
Track and report daily timecard for field construction team under your supervision including personal timecard.
Maintain safe, secure, and healthy work environment by complying and enforcing standards, procedures and territorial regulations.
Lead daily and weekly health and safety meetings with field team. Document health and safety meetings and submit minutes to Housing Authority and Client monthly as per health and safety forms provided by Client.
Maintain positive working relations with stakeholders, including Housing Authority and Tenants.
Other duties as requested by Directorate, in collaboration with Housing Authority, in order to facilitate successful execution of the work.

Skills and Experience:
More than 10 years’ prior experience in the hazardous materials abatement contracting industry
Construction supervision experience an asset
Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
Attention to detail
Organizational skills
Health and Safety conscious
Proficient use of MS Office suite computer software (MS Word and Excel)
Experience in supervising the removal of mold impacted building materials using Type 2 and 3 Abatement procedures
Re-installing building materials
Ensure the proper staffing of response team(s), and lead employees by example
Effective communication with personnel and clientele
Ability to assist in providing solutions to complex situations
Evaluate, inspect, and maintain equipment necessary to task duties
Perform, complete and/or oversee internal company documentation as well as project documentation
Handle onsite emergencies and cleanups in a proactive manner

Additional Information:
Work week – 40 hours (includes documentation/paperwork)
Unpaid vacation leave – 4 weeks per year
Required accommodation, vehicles, and airline travel expenses will be provided
Interested candidates, please apply directly. We review all resumes and applications and will respond.

Thank you!

Reference: TXECW33-Site Supervisor-Mould Remediation