Supervisor/Key Holder
Yorktown Home Hardware
Windsor, ON


Hourly wage is negotiable and is dependent on qualifications and experience


The Store Manager is responsible for all store operations, including maintenance of facilities, inventory control, merchandising, sales, cost containment, personnel management and motivation. The store manager accomplishes his or her objectives by personal action and/or delegation of responsibility as appropriate. The store manager performs all assigned tasks with sufficient speed and accuracy to ensure courteous and prompt customer service is maintained at all times.


-Direct the complete retail operation of the store within the specific guidelines of current company policy.

-Implement all policies, procedures, and objectives as determined by owner(s).

-Analyze internal and external changes that affect the store operation or goals and make or recommend changes or adjustments.

-Understand the POS system, and procedures related to purchases.

-Maintain good communications with owner, management and employees at all times.

-Participate and represent store in local community events.

-Keep abreast of the competition in store area; communicate findings with owner and staff.

-Read trade publications, manufacturers’ literature, training materials, etc., to keep on top of industry trends and activities and to gain product knowledge.

-Establish and maintain safety training and loss prevention programs.

-Provide direction to management staff.

-Treat all employees with respect.

-Supervise in-store personnel to keep productivity at peak levels.

-Facilitate prompt settlement of employee complaints and problems.

-Take appropriate disciplinary actions when employees are guilty of violating company rules and policies; maintain complete and accurate records of such actions.

-Conduct management and team meetings, in order to discuss problems, review operational objectives, and recognize and celebrate accomplishments.

-Develop those personnel capable of assuming further responsibilities within the company.

-Develop and maintain job descriptions for all employees; keep employees properly informed about the tasks assigned to them.

-Be accessible to all employees for questions or comments about their job responsibilities.

-Provide an environment that encourages high employee productivity and morale.

-Ensure that all personnel maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide good customer service and to maximize sales, with particular attention to add-on sales opportunities.

-Recognize employees who provide exceptional customer service and/or demonstrate excellent skills.

-Set a good example by always following company policies and procedures.

-Maintain good customer relations through your presence on the sales floor, knowledge of products and services, and ability to assist customers.

-Facilitate the resolution of customer complaints.

-*Manage inventory to maximize profit.*

-Supervise the display of merchandise for maximum sales efficiency.

-Prepare sales associates for sales and promotional activities.

-Ensure merchandise is marked down in a timely and accurate way.

-Work on additional duties and assignments as assigned by management.

-Work in a safe manner in accordance to provincial and federal safety legislation, as well as use of good common sense. Report any potential hazards and unsafe behavior to management in order to have the situation corrected.


-Ability to lead.

-Ability to work co-operatively in team atmosphere.

-Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays.

-Excellent communication skills.

-Bachelor’s degree in business-related field preferred.

-High School graduation or equivalent.

-Excellent mathematical skills.

-Job related managerial training

-3- 5 years prior retail experience beneficial.

-Willingness to continually develop professional skills and knowledge base.


-Reports directly to the assistant manager and general manager


-Wholesale Pricing for employees

-Bonus pay

-Health Insurance

-Great work environment

Job Type: Full-time


  • retail sales: 3 years (Preferred)