Social Media Engagement Manager (45-50k)
Vancouver, BC
Are you a savvy social media specialist who is passionate about helping others? Are you inspired to communicate a meaningful, life-changing message?

Imagine waking up every morning excited to get to work because you’re leading a private Facebook group – a community for people with osteoporosis. You will wake up to messages like this:

“Having this disease makes you feel a little alone and “out there” when you don’t get support. Reading the experiences of others in this community has changed that! THANK YOU!!”

This rapidly growing Facebook Community (thousands of members) is an exciting, fast-paced, and challenging project that will play a starring role in our company’s 2019 goals. The community is one of a kind, a place where people can come together to share success stories, learn about bone-health tips and form supportive relationships.

A Day in the Life

“Coffee?” This may be the first question you hear every day. Brewing a big pot for the office has become a morning ritual that Antony, our trusted Videographer, has adopted. And we’re not complaining!

At AlgaeCal, there isn’t a rigid job description for our employees and every day is different. But below are a few of the tasks you can look forward to:

Working closely with our Content Manager, Moni, to create a strategic Community Calendar designed to build relationships.
Creating daily/weekly Community posts to promote engagement and keep members coming back.
Collaborating with our Social Media Specialist, Jenna, to organize and work on the big-ticket projects that will propel our social media efforts to new heights in 2019.
Keeping your antenna up for the latest news and research on osteoporosis/general health in order to stimulate valuable, ongoing conversations
Conducting Community listening – gather testimonials, feedback, and identify content gaps produced by members.
Managing our Community Experts so they’re organized and ready for their Facebook Lives, interviews, and other contributions.
Monitoring and reporting Community Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): total members, active members, activity score, revenue, etc.
Welcoming new members to the Community– and the start of the rest of their lives– and saying goodbye to those who no longer need our help.
Establishing a positive culture and providing customer support to community members.
Moderating posts and comments to make sure they align with Community Guidelines.
Fundamental Skills

On top of being a friendly, caring person, the Social Media Engagement Manager needs to have some important skills to excel in this position.

Savvy social media skills. You can hop from the backend of Facebook Business Manager to the front end of a company page, upload a video with SRT file and schedule that post before the steam from your coffee disappears!
Strong writer who can craft friendly and engaging copy.
Organized (you can find every article you’ve written from the past two years in Google Docs) and detail-oriented (you’re a stickler for grammatical errors and proofreading is second-nature).
Positive attitude and energy that fits with our company culture. We hire a certain type of teammate so you’ll find there are no “cases of the Mondays” here!
Excellent communicator whether it’s in-person, on video calls, or through emails and Slack messages.
Familiarity with analytics tools such as Google Analytics is an asset, although not required.

About Us:
AlgaeCal Inc, an online nutritional supplement company, is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. One of the reasons for that growth? We offer something no other company has: a natural, clinically-proven solution to bone loss (osteoporosis). Bone scans prove we are actually reversing the disease in adults across the world and we need help to spread the word. That’s where you come in!

We’re the real deal…

The first thing you’ll notice about AlgaeCal is our unique culture, hard-working but fun office environment, and positive family spirit. In fact, you may find pretty quickly that AlgaeCal is a place you’ll want to spend the rest of your career. After all, we want all our employees to become ‘lifers’… no joke!

Our company is built on the mantra that top performers can customize their own future with us. And we invest in the training you need to build your career.

For example, we took a group to a 3-day Tony Robbins event in Chicago in August, and we will take another group in March. If there’s a conference or event we think you can benefit from, we’ll send you! Or if you find a conference or event you’re sure will help your work, let us know. We’re happy to send you if it makes sense!

If you’re looking to work alongside and learn from some of the top marketers in the field of digital marketing, then look no further. Our elite marketing team has helped AlgaeCal double revenue in the last 12 months. We’re the leader in our rapidly growing niche. And our company has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, PBS television, Fox News, and in several prominent books. So success comes with high expectations and a healthy amount of pressure.

You will also enjoy the following benefits:
$2,000 flexible employee health benefits package
100% BC Medical Services Plan coverage
Family-style team lunches on Fridays with tasty, home-cooked, organic food
Annual week-long team trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. This is paid time off, plus we treat you to a luxury hotel, 5-star food, and local adventures too. This is team bonding (and beachside pampering) at its finest.

So, do you have what it takes to become the next member of team AlgaeCal?

Job opportunities like this don’t come along often, and we’ve got a lot to offer our successful applicant. So, to make sure our future Social Media Engagement Manager is the real-deal, will be a great fit, and will thrive at AlgaeCal, we ask a little more than your run-of-the-mill job application:

1) Write a Cover letter addressing:
Why you’re the best Social Media Engagement Manager for this role? Give quantifiable examples of related achievements.
Describe why you fit perfectly with our values. Read them here:
What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever overcome in your life? How did you overcome it?
What are the last three books you’ve read?
What do you do for fun?
2) Upload your cover letter and resume

Yes, our hiring process is challenging, but it’s our way of selecting the best – and your way of ensuring your AlgaeCal teammates are tops.