Hybrid Evening LINC Instructor - Employment Language Focus
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Regina, SK
Competition Number P08591
Bargaining Unit Academic
Posting Title Hybrid Evening LINC Instructor - Employment Language Focus
Classification Instructor
Category of work Part Time
Location Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina Campus
Other Location(s)
Other Building
Date Posted 01/16/2019
Closing Date 01/24/2019
Start Date 02/25/2019
End Date 06/27/2019
Open Until Filled No
Ongoing No
Salary Range As per the instructional grid
Temporary Market Stipend N/A

Hours of Work To be Assigned
Total Assigned days (AC) / Total Hours per biweekly pay
48.5 FTE assigned days/29 hours per biweekly pay period.

Posting Status Open

Successful applicants must be able to develop employment focused curriculum to help students create a portfolio of evidence modelled after PLAR; must teach all aspects of English language acquisition within employment attainment and sustainment goals. All classes are in the Blended/Hybrid format using the EduLINC platform and Big Blue Button for virtual class delivery. To be considered, applicants must currently hold a LearnIT2Teach Stage 3 certificate and be actively using Stage 3 materials in class while working on attaining Stage 4 which focuses on curriculum development.

Job Duties/Qualifications, Skills and Abilities(QSA)
Job Duties
Job Duties
1. Provide English language training to adult newcomers to Canada, in a blended learning environment, according to the mandates of the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

2. Manage the face to face/online classroom to ensure an optimum learning environment that fully integrates contemporary technology. Keep abreast of industry trends and relevant research and be actively involved with Tutela.ca. Actively engage in relevant professional development opportunities. Implement all aspects of Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) methodology within a face-to-face and online environment using the Edulinc.ca platform developed by LearnIT2Teach.

3. Provide a nurturing learning environment that supports adult student language development and encourages students to expand their abilities in a way that is creative, innovative and dynamic within a face-to-face and technology based environment.

4. Within the blended classroom, plan and deliver language learning activities that are real-world tasks based on Canadian culture and the employment environment in accordance with LINC classroom themes and the Canadian Language Benchmark Competencies. Classes will begin face-to-face until students and instructor have completed the 10 week practicum. Achieve Stage 2 and Stage 3 LearnIT2Teach.

5. Provide continuous formative evaluation, assessment, and feedback to students and collaborate with members of the LINC instructional and administrative team to ensure continuity, accuracy and efficient student advancement as outlined in the PBLA implementation guidelines.

6. Maintain daily and monthly attendance records and portfolio evidence of advancement as well as all other student related information. Submit exit forms, monthly reports and level completion forms by the timelines stipulated.

7. Identify resources and technology appropriate to support the English language training at the relevant level.

8. Accommodate special learning needs faced by equity groups and those from diverse cultures. Be adept at working within a culturally diverse environment that could be sensitive to certain social traditions and political leanings. Be able to provide appropriate referral as warranted.

9. Be able to design module and lesson plans that are level appropriate, creative, innovative and teach language development while also teaching how to integrate into Canadian culture. Add new elements to the LINC courseware within Edulinc platform. Contribute to Tutela.

10. Practice co-operative interpersonal and communication skills within an interdependent team environment

11. Follow and model regulations, procedures and policies adopted by Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Specific Accountabilities
Required Qualifications, Skills and Abilities (QSA)
1. Bachelor’s degree in a field related to English language skill improvement and the expression of cognitive thought using English. Must also have completed a CERTESL course from an institute recognized by TESL Canada and/or have TESL Canada/Saskatchewan certification.
2. Minimum of 6 months full time experience in the last five years as an English language instructor preferably to adults with Standard 1 recognition from TESL Canada or Canadian equivalent
Bachelor’s of TESOL from a 400+ hour course recognized by TESL Canada with a Standard 2 from TESL Canada or Canadian equivalent.
3. Must possess LearnIT2T stage 3 Certificate, be currently using EduLINC Stage 3 resources in the classroom.
4. Ability to achieveLearnIT2T stage 4 Certificate within 3 months of hiring.
5. Working knowledge of software, internet programs, technology applications and Canadian industry trends pertaining to ESL teaching. Working knowledge of basic office programs such as Word and Excel. Use Tutela.ca account’s browse and search functions to integrate non-SCORMand SCORM resources in a class activity complementing the courseware and keep in touch with other online/blended class instructors.
6. Completed Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) or ability to complete the training within 3 months of hire. Use a classroom-centered approach to blended learning. Ability to facilitate an e-blended approach to settlement language training using LINC courseware that has been adapted to specific teaching contexts and the LINC courseware in conjunction with PBLA methodology in an adult learning environment.
7. Ability to demonstrate competence using the Canadian Language Benchmarks within the LINC classroom themes to construct a custom-designed module plan and lesson plan for the relevant CLB level. Facilitate the LINC courseware while developing more insight into blended learning, best practices in settlement language training and Moodle course editing, course management and content development.
8. Ability to track student progress and participation time in a face-to-face and blended learning environment.
9. Ability to demonstrate oral and written CLB 11 communication skills in face-to-face and online environments.
10. Ability to establish a flexible schedule to meet student learning needs and schedules.
11. Ability to resolve conflict, maintain respect and collaborate with culturally diverse team members.
12. Able to function as a team member in an ever-changing environment?
13. Understanding of adult learning principles and diversity in the classroom.
14. Ability to demonstrate ability to work with adults students who may have special learning needs, which could include PTSD/trauma, literacy, interrupted education, so that they are successful in the mainstream English language classroom.

Desired QSA