Contract Faculty, School of Justice & Community Development- Early Childhood Education
Fleming College
Peterborough, ON
Experience success at Fleming, where we provide a unique and innovative learning environment for our students. We take pride in offering students real world learning, available only through the recent, related work experiences that faculty bring. As a Contract Faculty member you will play a key role by promoting academic excellence, developing an effective learning environment, and designing, teaching, revising and updating curriculum. Your previous working experiences will provide a broad range of practical knowledge to enhance the student learning experience. Contract Faculty may teach in teams or independently and develop/deliver curriculum in a variety of ways including face-to-face (lectures, seminars, labs) and online.

We are currently recruiting contract faculty to teach in our Early Childhood Education program.

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For more information, please see the Professor Definition and the Guidelines for Professional Practice - Faculty.

What We Are Looking For:
Duties and Responsibilities:
As a professor, you will play a key role by demonstrating teaching excellence through proven adaptability with diverse learners, and the creation of a learning environment that motivates and engages learners, using a variety of teaching methodologies and types of delivery. Faculty teach in teams and deliver curriculum in a variety of ways, including lectures, seminars, on-site fitness and health facilities, and clinical field placements. Within the Early Childhood Education Program, you may be called upon to provide classroom delivery of curriculum as well as supervision of students while on-site in placements as an evaluator.

You possess a relevant combination of education and significant current experience including a post-secondary diploma/degree in early childhood education or a related field. You also have recent experience as an early childhood educator with a sound knowledge of accepted ECE philosophies. As well, you are aware of current provincial initiatives relating to curriculum models, quality assurance, and current issues regarding the changing ECE regulatory bodies. You are well versed in the Day Nurseries Act of Ontario and are familiar with commonly used municipal operating/licensing criteria for ECE programs/schools. Current membership with the Early Childhood Education Association of Ontario is an asset.

Previous Teaching Experience:
Ideally you have experience in applying theories of adult learning in teaching or training at the post-secondary level including curriculum development and using a variety of techniques. This role also requires self-motivation, flexibility and a passion for learning and student success. You will work in a team environment and develop/deliver curriculum using a variety of teaching methodologies which may include lectures, seminars, labs, field trips, work placements, computer simulation, online learning or other innovative delivery methods. Experience in an e-learning environment with comfort teaching both face-to-face or web-based delivery is a definite asset.

Superior interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to deliver and receive feedback, as well as well-developed critical thinking/problem solving and organizational / time management skills are required. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning as a dual professional, fostering relationships and connections while providing accessible, superior service to students.

Computer Proficiency:
You are proficient working with a variety of computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, internet search, learning management systems and online learning applications.

Salary Range

As per the part-time, partial load or sessional salary grid