The University of Northern British Columbia
Richmond, BC
The Royal City Soccer Club (RCSC) is a non-profit, community organization started in 1993. For 26 years, we’ve hosted a unique
soccer camp experience for over 200,000 boys and girls between ages 5 and 13 years. Our camp is now the largest grassroots
soccer camp in Canada with over 100 locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albert and British Columbia and Nova Scotia.
The popularity of our camps is not only due to our program structure, but also because of the great staff we have. We will be looking

nd th
to hire approximately 350 staff for July and August. Our camp operates Monday to Friday from July 2 until August 30 , 2019
(excluding July 1 (Canada Day) and August 5 (Civic Holiday).

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) (Ontario/Alberta/Nova Scotia  plan, organize and teach soccer and other games

Only) ages 16 and 17 by July 2 2019: to a group of campers

  • ensure the safety and supervision of campers
  • work closely with Camp Counselors and  manage and problem solve entire camp site
Supervisor to implement camp activities and including campers, staff and volunteers

ensure a safe, fun environment for everyone  communicate with Program Coordinator and Head
Office staff regularly

  • help in planning and supervising campers during
all aspects of camp (under the guidance and *must have a vehicle for use in the summer

direction of Counselors and Supervisor)

  • may be asked to supervise a group of campers ndRegional Coordinator ages 18 or older by July 2 , 2019:
similar to a Camp Counselor

  • overseeing operations at 5-7 camp locations

Camp Counsellor ages 18 or older by July 2 , 2019:  coordinate pre-season site walk through and
season end equipment/supply return to head office

  • taking on-site camp pictures
  • supervising a group of 8-12 campers of a specific
  • ensure all staff adhere to RCSC policies and
age range

procedures including dress code
  • planning, organizing and teaching soccer skills and
  • resolve any problems that arise at camp (camper,
other games to campers

staff, program or facility related)
  • ensuring a fun, safe environment for everyone
  • onsite staff fill-in as required
  • set a good example for campers by being
  • office administration as needed
conscientious, supportive of policies and

enthusiastic about camp

A Regional Coordinator will require a vehicle to transport
  • build close relationships with each camper in your equipment/supplies to and from the camp site and will
group and be aware of individual issues and needs receive a gas expense. A cell phone will either be provided
  • participates in planning special events/activities for or a cell expense issued to you if you prefer to use your own.
the group or whole camp

  • assist supervisor and other staff in supervising and
organizing activities for all campers including the Qualifications of all camp staff:

afternoon daily swim. Staff MUST enter/supervise
campers in the pool

  • athletic and good soccer experience
  • provide feedback to parents on a daily basis
  • great with children (ages 5 to 13 years)

Camp Supervisor ages 18 or older by July 2 , 2019:  good communication skills
  • team-oriented
  • manage a complete RCSC onsite location
  • oversee operations of a camp from start to finish  energetic and enthusiastic
including programs/activities planned by Camp  interest in teaching soccer to children

  • manage and motivate a team of Counselors,  motivational, creative
Counselors-in-Training (CIT) and volunteers  problem solving skills

Hours: 8am – 4:30pm or 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday (staff may be required to work 8am-5:00pm based on number of staff)

Application: We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible as positions will be filled quickly by 1) Applying online at

www.royalsoccer.com under the STAFF section OR 2) Sending your application form by fax/mail/email to;

Royal City Soccer Club

1251 Northside Rd

Burlington, ON L7M 1H7

Fax: 1-888-639-5957

Email: jobs@royalsoccer.com