Pumping Services Operator
STEP Energy Services Ltd.
Fort St. John, BC
At STEP we we use the word professional to describe all of our employees. Because to us, that’s what they are - professionals. Our field professionals throw on a pair of coveralls each day, and then embrace the challenges that present themselves. They are constantly assessing their safety, and the safety of those around them; they know trust is something built over years, not days; they don’t believe in good enough, they believe in great; they take pride in the skills they bring to the site each day and they get excited about the places those skills can take them.

Our small and highly-utilized team of pumping services professionals engages with a variety of challenges on our brand-new, state of the art twin 15k pumps. They perform coiled tubing assists, fracturing service assists (specifically our frac horsepower pumps which assist twin quinteplex pumps for high rate and high pressure pumping jobs). They also perform pump downs and Data Fracturing Injectivity Tests. They are responsible for rebuilding fluid ends, fluid end maintenance, truck maintenance, rigging in and out, and operating the twin fluid pumps and frac pumps.

15/6 or 15/13 rotations: Work hard then relax during your time off.

High utilization: Busy is better.

Competitive pay: Real pay for real work (hourly and overtime) including benefits.

Industry leading clients: Challenges to expand your skills.

Training opportunities: The training to take your skills to the next level.

24/7 office and maintenance support: IT and engineering help when you need it.

Related experience

Class 1 driver’s license

Physical ability: You will perform hard manual labour.

Remote work: Away on a 15/6 or 15/13 rotation working outdoors in all weather conditions.

Safety focus: We live and work by an always safe-always professional mindset (ASAP).

Qualified applicants will be familiar with or have experience working with pumps, but most importantly they should be self-starters with leadership skills, who value autonomy and know how to get the job done.