Front-End Developer
OneWorld Accuracy
Burnaby, BC

About us

Oneworld Accuracy is a healthcare informatics company dedicated to improving heath outcomes for people around the world by combining cutting-edge data analysis with best scientific practices for medical laboratory testing. We have 40 employees and provide services in more than 100 countries from our facilities in metro Vancouver, BC and Messina, Italy.

Our principal business is EQA (External Quality Assessment), which involves providing laboratories and other medical test sites (referred to as participants) with blinded medical samples. Participants then test those samples like they would patient samples and submit their results on OASYS (Oneworld Accuracy System) an enterprise-scale informatics system we develop, host, continually improve and deploy on a SaaS basis.

Their EQA results are evaluated and participants receive a performance report on their testing proficiency. EQA provides important feedback for participants to improve their testing accuracy and reliability. We work with many leading clinical, academic and research groups around the world and embed their science in EQA programs that assess, improve and standardize test results.

We invite national groups to own the challenge of achieving testing accuracy in their countries and become EQA providers. We empower them to achieve testing accuracy for their countries. We give them all the tools they need – samples, training and the collective experience of their international peers. We help ministries of health with national EQA programs. We’re at 50 and counting. If they’re not ready, then we advance EQA through commercial groups so that ministries of health can get a head start when EQA becomes a public health priority. We have 15 commercial groups and counting.

Our Culture

It starts with our Mission. To achieve universal testing accuracy for improved healthcare for all people. Sure, it’s ambitious, but more importantly we believe that what we do is worthwhile – and achievable.

Passion. Everyone here has passion about what they do. We hire passionate people who want to make a difference. They bring that passion to work every day and it shows. They care about their colleagues and our Collaboration Members and participants. They accept our unique calling to make a positive impact globally. There’s no room for mediocrity with these values.

Attitude + Aptitude. We hire as much for attitude as aptitude. We value both. We can train for new skills we need to have but we can’t train for values. Attitude is in your DNA. You either have it or you don’t.

Agile. For us, this isn’t just a business buzzword. Agile is a methodology and approach we’ve adopted that makes us creative, productive and democratic. People are not just productivity units. They need to be connected and feel secure and know that their values and talents align with something bigger that we all share – Oneworld Accuracy.

Front-End Developer

We are looking for a talented, ambitious Front-End Developer to join our fantastic OASYS development team that has agilely developed OASYS to become the EQA informatics world leader. As our CEO has remarked, we have succeeded in spite of our website. You will quickly agree when you go online to check us out. We now need to succeed and scale because of our website as the first visible part of our new web and digital strategy needed to achieve our audacious, but attainable goal to have OASYS manage all medical and related EQA on the planet.

You will work as the point of synapse between our creative team (newly invigorated with outside talent) and our OASYS development team to execute on that web and digital strategy.

Your first assignment is to create an amazing website using Crafter CMS that quickly puts our old website in the rear-view mirror. We’ve selected Crafter CMS because it’s cloud-scalable, open-source, enterprise-class, GIT-based and lines up nicely with our OASYS development stack. We believe that Crafter CMS can underpin the kind of web and digital experience we’re after. If you’ve done projects using Crafter CMS, are confident that you can master it, or have the depth of experience to recommend a better CMS, then please read on.

Of course, our website (actually websites plural) will only get better in agile stages under your direction. But it’s too restrictive to limit your talents to our websites. Your next projects will be to help make OASYS a rich and engaging experience in agile increments across all digital channels - web, mobile, social and eventually even virtual reality (where medical professionals will receive training in our virtual laboratories and field-testing sites). Ultimately, we envision our marketing / business development, account management, participant support, training and logistics teams being able to harvest analytics and data-driven insights to author, manage and deliver appropriate content across these channels.

As you are creating these innovative digital experiences, you’ll collaborate with OASYS developers, designers, data scientists, all our operational teams and even our customers in an agile environment. OASYS developers will include those who will want to learn from you, extend their technical skills into Crafter CMS and other selected tools and help create these experiences. This means that you have an affinity and even aptitude for mentoring, teaching and guiding.

These are the skills sets you need to succeed in this position:

  • Degree in computer science, engineering or related field
  • Passion about great design
  • 2+ years of experience with Crafter CMS or other headless CMS
  • 3+ years of experience in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Responsive Design
  • Experience developing in Groovy / frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Experience developing asynchronous AJAX requests to RESTful services
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Knowledge of cross-browser support and layout design paradigms
  • Aptitude and experience in mobile apps, data visualization, UI design are definite assets
  • Strong work ethic with an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in a culture of achievement

Job Type: Full-time


  • front end development: 3 years (Preferred)
  • JavaScript: 3 years (Preferred)